Zinus Ibidun Upholstered Button Tufted Platform Bed/ Mattress Foundation/ Easy Assembly/ Strong Wood Slat Support, Queen, Beige

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Product details

Size Queen
Material Wood
Product Dimensions 84.2″L x 62.8″W x 43.1″H
Style Standard
Color Beige
Included Components Headboard, Foundation, Wood Slats, legs
  • Classic styling with soft button tufted taupe upholstery | Core composition – Wooden slats and steel frames | Fabric – Knitted polyester
  • Product dimensions – 80″ L x 60″ W x 14″ H | Weight – 94.8 lbs. | Weight limit – 500 lbs. | Distance between slats – 3” | Under bed clearance – 6” | Slats width – 2.2” | Legs height – 8”
  • Foam padded tape is added to the steel frame for noise-free use
  • The slats of our platform beds are at frame level so mattresses sit on top of and not inside the bed frame
  • Frame, legs, and wooden slats conveniently located in the zippered compartment in the back of the headboard | Mattress sold separately


This stunning upholstered platform bed by Zinus will transform your bedroom. It ships in one carton with the frame, legs and ten wooden slats conveniently located in the zippered compartment in the back of the headboard for easy assembly. This classic upholstered platform bed features a button tufted headboard and low profile footboard style frame, with wood slats and exposed feet for support. The taupe tufted upholstery adds softness and provides a classic framework for your mattress. Another comfort innovation from Zinus. Pioneering comfort.

From the brand

From the manufacturer

Ibidun Platform Bed Frame

Ibidun Platform Bed Frame

Subtle sophistication

Pair your mattress with the soft details of this dependable platform bed. Complete with squared-off button tufting and upholstery in versatile beige, this charming foundation takes your room from boring to beautiful in no time at all.

Thoughtfully crafted

Ibidun Platform Bed Headboard

Stylish comfort

Structured button tufting on the headboard is complete with dense foam cushioning that looks and feels like a dream.

Ibidun Platform Bed

No box spring needed

Rest any mattress directly on top of the wooden platform for reliable support without the box spring.

Ibidun Platform Bed Dimensions

Additional information

Weight 700 lbs
Dimensions 84.2 × 62.8 × 43.1 in








Included Components

Headboard Foundation Wood Slats legs



Furniture Finish

Wooden slats

Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

84.2 x 62.8 x 43.1 inches, 84.2L x 62.8W x 43.1H

Item Weight

94.8 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Fill material Type

Memory Foam

Form Factor

Platform Bed

Warranty Description

Worry-free 5 year limited warranty included; mattress sold separately.

Batteries Required




10 reviews for Zinus Ibidun Upholstered Button Tufted Platform Bed/ Mattress Foundation/ Easy Assembly/ Strong Wood Slat Support, Queen, Beige

  1. LK

    Beautiful, Sturdy, and Relatively Easy to AssembleI rarely have the time to write reviews, but I READ them all the time. I purchased this frame because of the price, coupled with the good reviews. And now I want to add my own because this company deserves it!Bottom line: I can’t imagine a better bed for the price—or a smoother assembly.The parts are extremely well made, from the stitching to the metal parts. Not thin, flimsy, or sloppy. And more importantly they fit together perfectly! No misaligned holes. No “almost fits” spots. Just perfectly aligned. The directions were very clear diagrams (okay, one step looked to me like a giant tangle of lines and arrows and I had no idea what it was showing me, but it wasn’t too hard to just look at the parts and figure it out). Plus, they give you extra screws (who does that?) and one of those ratchet Allen wrench things (again, who does that?) so you’re not spending all day tightening all the numerous screws. Now, don’t be like me and FORGET about the ratchet wrench until you are halfway through and cursing how long it’s taking to tighten them all.Aside from the simple, elegant style, I purchased this bed frame because I have a small bedroom and the size was perfect. So many other platform frames I looked at were much larger. When you have a small bedroom, even a few inches makes a big difference. Keep in mind that the mattress sits on TOP of the slats, not nestled inside a lip of the frame. It’s the look I wanted and the dimensions I wanted. But be sure it’s for you. I especially love that there is velcro to hold the slats in place.I’ll leave it to others to talk about it’s comfort. I haven’t slept on it yet. But if I find there are any issues/complaints, I’ll come back and add it here. All I can say is that it looks and feels amazing at this point.The only minor complaints I have are about the feet and the packaging. The feet are black plastic, which is, to me, cheapens the elegance of the bed. You don’t notice them that much, so it’s not a big deal overall, but I’d pay extra to be able to order legs in solid wood. Zinus, are you listening?Also, the packaging. It’s excellent that all the pieces come packed inside the headboard, but I’d love to see way less plastic and styrofoam being used. We can do better for the planet these days.

  2. Lizzie

    Ten stars for packagingThis bed sat in the box in my carport through hurricane Ian. It got dropped multiple times, knocked over by the wind, rained on, had debris blasted at it 150mph, and then the hose spout snapped off and literally shot water at it full blast for hours. I was 100% sure it would be totally ruined. Didn’t even get wet. Not a scratch on it. Put it together alone with no electricity and no tools except for the ones in the box. Looks awesome. No more knocking my shins on hard wooden corners. Very sturdy, does not squeak, creak, or rattle at all. 10/10 recommend.

  3. Julie

    Beautiful and great bang for your buckWe purchased for college apartment, much easier to assemble than the typical Ikea bed. Upholstered headed board super comfy. We will definitely keep when she moves as it packs all up to store in a convenient bag behind the headboard!

  4. S. Cavanaugh

    Exceptionally pleased with an affordable bed that looks far more expensive!THIS is an incredible bed! I’ve been sleeping in it for about 4 nights now with 2 dogs and 2 cats attempting to get into the act.Because I have a tiny apartment I thought I would save space and get a twin size bed and fell in love with a similar bed at a very expensive cost. I was very skeptical that this bed could be solid and nice at such an affordable price and it is!The bed arrived ON TIME (actually, early) and the box was in good condition with an interior box also protecting the bed. Having read the other reviews I knew everything would be inside the headboard. All the pieces were well wrapped and the directions were easy to find. Included with the bed was an extra set of screws. Initially I was looking for the set of screws intended to be used and incredulously, they were already in the holes where they should be! It was only a matter of backing out the screws a bit to slide the pieces together and thentighten them up again. (This is a brilliant idea instead of having people match up screw lengths to pictures and never really being sure!)***A year after setting up this bed I can now fully attest to its durability and worth! This bed is remarkably silent, comfortable and sturdy. I have told many people over the last year about the brilliance of this manufacturer in how the directions on putting the bed together with the correct nuts and bolts already in place had made this bed so easy to construct (by a 50 year old disabled female). In the next year I plan to move to another state and have a much bigger bedroom. I’ll be returning to this manufacturer for the larger bed in a similar style. It’s pure brilliance!When I first looked at the directions I was at a loss until I looked at each piece and realized that this platform bed was suspended underneath by another metal platform. Again, brilliant! The metal frame was all connected and only needed to be opened and locked into place. After that, everything else was gravy. (When attempting to fit in the last side rail I suggest removing all the screws (2 at each side) and lowering the piece in straight down. It’s a tight, solid fit. After everything is together tighten all the screws with the provided allen wrench.I was really stoked to do this on my own but I am a disabled female with severe arthritis in every joint. I was also working in a very small space. I sweated some but I did it! The slats fit easily and are attached to Velcro so there is no measuring nor concern that they will move. My 10 inch memory foam mattress fit well on top and, before I had a chance to put on a mattress pad my dog assured me it was very comfortable by hopping right up! (Now we fight for position each night! We’re getting used to the smaller size.)I was concerned that the bed would be too low to the floor but it’s not! It’s a perfect height with sufficient space under it for storage boxes. The dogs and cats also fit under the bed for extra fun when I need to trim nails or brush themThe material is a little bit lighter than I would have liked but it’s nice. It seems to be durable but I’m considering spraying it with a material protectant. (Dogs and cats!)It took me months to decide if I should chance a less expensive bed or pay $500 more and I am SO happy I took that chance! I cannot imagine what more I could have expected from a bed!

  5. EJ

    Great bedThe bed arrived on the second day. It was surprising but very cool to get this entire bed in one box. Everything fits in the pocket behind the headboard. Bed is sturdy. It took me about 40 minutes to put together by myself. It looks gorgeous. I was worried about my mattress – Ikea mattress that is about 8″ but it sits really well on the frame. Highly recommended.

  6. Shannon Quinn

    I’m in love with this bed!I recently saved up some money to remodel my entire bedroom. I needed a bed, because I was literally sleeping on a mattress on the floor for years. I shopped around a ton of different store’s websites. I had enough in my budget where I could have gotten a more expensive bed, but I am SO glad I chose this one. It immediately adds a feeling of luxury to the room as soon as you walk in. It is great to FINALLY be able to sit up in bed, go on my laptop, or watch TV. It has plenty of storage space, even though there is a third set of legs in the center. I have had it for about a week, and I already feel like it was the greatest investment ever.Just in case any of you are worried like I was, here are a couple things I was worried about before/during/after this bed arrived:1. Does it come with a mattress?No. The chart of mattresses on this listing is a suggestion. Thankfully, I already had one of those thin memory foam mattresses, and it fit in perfectly. You do NOT need a box spring. I ended up throwing mine away. The memory foam mattress slides in snugly, which is perfect, because it also keeps the sheets in place even though I tend to toss and turn at night.You can put a regular mattress on top of it, but I DO NOT recommend it. The bed is made to hold the weight of memory foam, without a box spring. That is a significant weight difference. I see other people leaving reviews about the bed eventually breaking after 6 months to a year, and I attribute it to the fact that all of them have a regular mattress on top in their photographs.2. Is it possible to put this together by myself?Yes and no. When it arrived, the FedEx guy parked as close to our front door as possible, which surprised me. Then, he was struggling, even with a dolly, because it was so incredibly heavy. It is roughly a 100 pound box. At first, I freaked out, because when we got the box open, it looked like it was only the headboard. It turns out that it’s designed with the back of the headboard having a zipper that holds and hides all of the metal legs, supports, etc.The box was too heavy to bring it inside. My dad, brother, and I ended up actually opening the box outside, sliding the headboard out, sliding it inside, and then unzipping it and getting the pieces out. Do you live in an upstairs apartment? Forget about it. You would get hurt if you tried bringing this upstairs alone.My bedroom is upstairs, so we had to carry only one or two pieces at a time. Once it was all upstairs, my dad put it together for me. It took him less than an hour. The instructions looked simple. I could have done it myself, but my dad did it much faster than I could have, and he volunteered to do it while I put on a good movie. Basically- it’s technically possible to do this alone, but it would take hours, and it would be very frustrating and time-consuming. If you can get some help, I recommend it.

  7. MJH

    This bed. ONLY this bed.I love this bed. I’ve had it for well over a year now, have even moved with it across the country, and it is (still) fantastic. This review is thorough, and therefore, not exactly G rated, for the record.Putting-the-thing-together FactorIt took … an hour? 40 minutes? to put together … something like that. It comes with all of the fasteners, nuts and bolts, and I even think that they threw in a few extras, yay! Once you put it all together, it’s very sturdy. The first time that I put it together, I assembled it in a room that was carpeted. The second time, I assembled it in a room with manufactured wood flooring. I definitely recommend putting felt pads under the legs in the center of the bed, though, if you have a wooden, tile, or some sort of manufactured/composite flooring. The center legs are metal, with plastic covers attached to them, and if it ends up not being level for whatever reason, it will make a clacking sound each and every time that you turn in your sleep … On carpet you will be fine, though.Jumping-on-the-bed FactorWhile I am not a jumping on the bed type person, I am certain that this is definitely not a jumping-on-the-bed-able bed. So don’t do that. The slats are wooden, and they’re sturdy, but if you are a heavier person, or the type who likes to forcefully collapse down on your bed, and you have a crappy mattress that can’t distribute the weight over a wider area, don’t buy this bed … Or maybe still buy it, but get a better mattress and learn to lower yourself down into a seated position, instead of falling into one …Sleeping (and Adult Entertainment) FactorI am 5’9.5″, weigh about 160# give or take, and I sleep on this bed each night. My boyfriend, who is 6’3″ 185# give or take, would also sleep on it 4/7 nights a week, and it never collapsed under us once while we were sleeping in it so, you know it can hold up 350 pounds just fine. Even when we were both sick and flailing in our feverish sleep, tossing and turning violently, it still stayed intact. Adult entertainment activities abound, and it’s also, never fallen apart under us.Moving FactorOne of the best things about this about this bed is that you can take it apart and pack it into itself! I moved across the country, and instead of having to move a cumbersome piece of furniture, I just had to take it apart, zip it up and drop it into a plastic bag. NICE!If you end up being SO impressed by this, and other reviews, to actually buy this bed, I recommend that you spray it with Scotchgard before sleeping on it. The fabric is light in color, and while it’s not hard to spot clean, Scotchgarding it will make it all the more easy to prevent things like hand prints, wine stains, dust marks, or cat footprints from appearing on it.

  8. Brooke Smith

    Awesome for the price!This bed turned out to be awesome! I was really nervous because of some other reviews but I’m glad I took the chance. I am not a handy person by any stretch but, this was easy enough for me to put together by myself and feels sturdy! It also looks super elegant in person. 🙂

  9. Jordan

    Loving it after a year!I.Love.This.Bed.For starters, I’ve owned this bed for a little over a year, and it has held up beautifully…especially considering I have two toddlers that daily climb, jump, tumble, and roll all over it. When I received the package, I was so impressed at how efficiently this was packaged…the entire bed was packed INSIDE the headboard…you simply had to unzip the backing and pull the pieces out. I’m a bit of a nerd and love a good bit of engineering when it comes to packaging. It took my 5’3”, no muscle, woman-y self about 1.5 hours to set it up by myself, from start to finish, which was awesome, because it was a surprise for my husband so I was flying solo on the assembly job. All the tools required were included which, again, was awesome.I also liked that the slats came attached together by a strip of velcro, which lines up with the velcro in the bed frame itself, so the slats stay put and dont shift around.I purchased the 

    Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress, King

     along with this bed, and I was a bit worried that the 10 inch mattress plus the 2 inch mattress topper I also ordered 

    Sleep Better Peaceful Dreams 2-Inch Conventional 5-Zone Mattress Topper, King

     would completely dwarf the headboard, but I was pleased with the final result. I could definitely be okay with the headboard being a bittttttt taller, but that is a very small thing in the scheme of things.The fabric is a high quality woven that has held up very well to every day wear and tear the last year or so. I would recommend scotch guarding it beforehand if you have kids.My favorite thing about this bed is that it DOESN’T SQUEAK. AT ALL. I have a HUGE pet peeve of squeaky beds…and I hate turning over at night and it sounding like an explosion, which is what our last bed did. Even after a year, the bed is the so anti-squeaky I can’t even deal. I did have to go back and tighten the screws once or twice, but I have had to do that with all my beds in the past so that is no problem to me.I truly love this bed. You are NOT going to find a bed this nice, delivered to your doorstep in 2-3 days (YAS PRIME) for this price. I bought a brand new, king sized bed and mattress for under $600 and have loved them. I have recommended it to everyone! It looks so chic and goes with tons of decor options and color schemes. Easily my favorite purchase on Amazon!

  10. Steven

    A sturdy, easy to assemble bed frame.Let me start by saying I was EXTREMELY skeptical when ordering this. Most bookcases and cheap pieces of furniture I order have been junk. They’re wobbly and don’t fit together well.I read quite a bit of reviews and ordered this because of the price, the included headboard, and the many positive reviews regarding the quality. I passed on several other frames that had negative reviews for breaking and wearing out prematurely, along with being quite noisy.I paired this with 

    Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, King

    . I was concerned about the memory foam not being on a full platform such as a sheet of plywood and just the slats, but it’s not a worry, this frame is compatible with memory foam.First, the frame is VERY easy to assemble and the design is phenomenal. It’s on the quality level of IKEA furniture over brands found at discount retailers. I’m an engineer by trade and deal with complicated drawings and schematics, so I appreciate a good design and while I don’t find furniture difficult to assemble, I read many reviews where it takes people hours. This took me less than 30 minutes start to finish. It literally takes longer to unpack than to assemble. All of the pieces come packed inside a zippered area in the headboard, so the chance of it being damaged is low. It also comes packed in a double layer of cardboard, but it is HEAVY. There are only three screws you need to take out of the bubble wrap to insert in the frame. The rest are already placed and need to be backed off slightly to hook in the sides of the frame, which is a simple task. Repeat that a few times, then a round or two of tightening once all the pieced are placed. The slats come connected like mini blinds. They velcro to the frame so there’s no question where to place them. It’s quite clever.I snugged all the screws, then made 2 more rounds to ensure they were tight and everything gently moved into place. I must say that this frame is impressively sturdy! The mattress is also made by Zinus, which was also a fantastic buy, so I’m confident their products are something I will be willing to purchase and recommend.Lastly, the color looks better in person. I was afraid it would be sort of a burlap, but it’s a gentle taupe with a smooth fabric and the upholstered look is impressive.

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