Zinus Judy Upholstered Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation / Wood Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly,

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Product details

Style Platform Bed
Size Queen
Color Grey
Frame Material Wood
Product Dimensions 80.5″L x 62.6″W x 43″H
Brand Zinus
  • GEOMETRY THAT MATTERS – With its asymmetrical geometric upholstered headboard, cozy foam padding and muted grey tone, this platform bed puts a modern spin on traditional design
  • DURABLY DESIGNED – Interior steel framework and dense foam padding add comfort and longevity; Twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, while all other sizes can support up to 700 pounds
  • NO BOX SPRING NEEDED – Durable wood slats support and extend the life of your latex, memory foam or spring mattress without the need for a box spring; Slats are spaced 2.2 – 2.8 inches apart
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – Everything you need is efficiently packed into one box and shipped straight to your door; all parts, tools and instructions are conveniently located in the zippered compartment of the headboard for easy, 2-person assembly in under an hour
  • Worry-free 5 year limited warranty included; Mattress sold separately
  • Furniture Finish: Modern styling with strong closely spaced wood slat support


The bold, modern design and unique texture of the Judy Upholstered Platform Bed will get your bedroom one step closer to that page-out-of-a-magazine look. Its geometric detailed headboard wins major style points and it’s also padded with a layer of comfy foam, great for kicking back with a book or your favorite TV show. The innovative packaging is made to impress you right from the get go, because not only does this bed show up at your door in one slim, compact box, it also arrives in manageable pieces and with all needed tools neatly zipped into the back of the headboard. And as a cherry on top, a 5 year worry-free warranty is included. So you can’t go wrong! After assembling this gorgeous foundation in less than an hour and nestling your mattress right on top of its sturdy wood support slats, you’ll be amazed at how easy stylish mattress support can be.

From the brand

From the manufacturer

Judy Platform Bed
Stylish and sturdy

Bold and modern

Your bedroom is only a click away to that page-out-of-a-magazine look with the bold, modern design and unique texture of the Judy Upholstered Platform Bed.

Judy Platform Bed Headboard
Eye catching

Unique design

The geometric detailed headboard padded with a layer of comfy foam makes this bed great for relaxing while still looking stylish.

Strong and supportive

Judy Platform Bed Slats

No box spring needed

Sturdy wood slats provide long-lasting support for your memory foam, latex or spring mattress.

Judy Platform Bed Underbed Clearance

Room for storage

A 6.3″ under bed clearance gives you plenty of space to store any odds and ends.


Easy assembly

Put the entire bed frame together in just a few minutes. With no mountains of screws or complicated hardware, assembly is easy as 1 2 3.

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Judy Platform Bed Dimensions

Zinus: Smartly packed, no box spring, and quick assembly

Additional information

Weight 96.78 lbs
Dimensions 80.5 × 62.6 × 43 in

Platform Bed





Frame Material




Included Components

Headboard Foundation Wood Slats


Foam Wood Plywood Steel Fabric

Furniture Finish

Modern Styling with strong closely spaced wood slat support

Assembly Required


Form Factor

Platform Bed

Warranty Type

Worry free 5 year warranty

Item Weight

96.78 Pounds, 96.8 pounds

Product Dimensions

80.5 x 62.6 x 43 inches, 80.5L x 62.6W x 43H

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

43.1 inches

Assembled Width

63.2 inches

Assembled Length

84.2 inches


97 Pounds



Date First Available

December 14 2017



10 reviews for Zinus Judy Upholstered Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation / Wood Slat Support / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly,

  1. Amazon Customer

    Wow! The quality? *chefs kiss*The amount of thought put into the packaging of this bed is unbelievable. All of the parts were well packed and zipped into the back of the headboard. Most of the screws were pre-screwed into the holes and just required some loosening and then re-tightening. They also included some extras. What really blew me away was the little socket wrench…there was also the regular Allen wrench included just in case. It feels very sturdy and well made. I put an 8” memory foam mattress on it and it looks great. This our guest bed so I can’t speak to how it wears just yet but overall I am so impressed.

  2. Maxwell

    Been using for 2+ years and still love itBought in 2019 and still using in 2022. love that everything is able to be put in the back because it unzips, have moved with this frame and it was way easier with that extra storage back there. it’s heavy af so bring a friend with a car or a friend with a dolly to haul it to your place if needed. bed is strong enough to hold 2 overweight adults (400lb combined at the highest) without any weird noises or creaks.only downside is that my mattress slides around like crazy in the frame, but not sure if frame or mattress itself.warning, will attract cats. mine have torn up the paneling on the bottom – luckily this was not meant to be perfect forever so it doesn’t bother me that much, but might bother others.

  3. zeel

    Impressively designed product, very strait-forward assembly.I’m pretty impressed with this product over all, it does the job of holding a mattress perfectly well, it’s pretty solid, and it looks pretty nice. It isn’t mind blowing high quality, but it is pretty much everything I expected from a $250 piece of furniture.Here is what to expect when you purchase this product (and if you like the way it looks, I say go for it):It comes in a enormous box (which UPS decided to leave in my back yard next to my trash cans). Inside, the headboard is wrapped in a big plastic bag. All of the parts, including the directions and hardware, are packed inside the headboard in the zipper compartment. If you don’t have a very big space to work in, I recommend doing what I did – cut open the box outside, (it’s actually double-boxed) taking care not to cut too deeply, and remove the headboard. Carry that inside to wherever you are going to set it up. Leave the box outside, it’s huge and serves no purpose going forward.Warning: it’s very heavy. This is a two person lift for sure, though if you had to you could remove the parts from inside and carry them in multiple trips (the empty headboard is bulky but not too heavy).Make sure you have a large enough space to assemble before you start unpacking, you will need to stack the parts out of the way so you can position the frame.Assembly is really strait forward, there is a small hardware kit with five screws, a set of spare parts, a hex wrench, and a hex ratchet (which is a life saver, tightening screws with a ratchet is so very much easier than a normal hex wrench). There is a single (two sided) large page of instructions. There isn’t much text, but you don’t really need it, the pictures are all you need. All the other screws needed are already threaded into holes on all the parts – you never need to remove those screws either, just loosen them so that the parts slide together, then tighten them down. The five screws in the part kit are for the frame.You will find two large metal pieces, they are the two parts of the frame. They come folded up, all you have to do is unfold them and their legs, and place the shorter one across the center of the longer one (there is a slot for this) creating an elongated plus sign shape. The longer part of the frame runs along the center of the bed length-wise. The five screws are inserted into holes on the top of the frame above the legs, one screw on each arm of the frame, and one in the center where they cross. Those screws main purpose is to prevent the frame from folding. The frame pieces themselves are very solid, and don’t require any additional assembly.There is a box containing the for wooden legs, they have screws sticking out the top that thread into the bottom of the baseboard and headboard. Once those are attached, you need to loosen all the screws all all the remaining parts – the headboard, foot board, and four side panels. Back them out a quarter to half an inch. Then you position the head and foot boards, and slide the ends of the long portion of frame over the screws in the middle of those parts. At this point you can tighten those screws a bit, not actually tight, but enough to keep anything from shifting around. Then you slide all the side pieces on and finally tighten everything down. This is where that ratchet comes into play, it makes getting everything snug so much easier than it would be without it.The cross slats are all attached together in rolls, you just stick the first one to the Velcro, and pull each one tight and the Velcro strips space them perfectly.Toss your mattress on top, and you’re done. I should note that the edges of the bed don’t extend up past the slats, so the mattress isn’t down in the box at all. I kinda prefer beds where it is, so it’s prevented from sliding, but it isn’t a big deal.Everything feels nice and solid, no creaking or wobbling or anything. I’m pretty happy so far, the only real gripes are that the padding on the headboard isn’t especially thick – but it’s enough to be more comfortable than wood, or a wall – and the fabric isn’t especially soft. I’m also not a fan of the brown stained wood legs, I would have preferred them be painted black I think it would have fit better.Bottom line, I like it. If you’re looking for a platform bed in this price range and like the look of this one, I recommend it.Edit: 4 Years laterI still really like it. It’s solid, I haven’t ever needed to tighten anything, and there are still no creaking noises or anything. In the time I’ve had it, I switched from a traditional spring mattress to a foam one – no problem, this frame supports it just great.My only complaint at all, is that the mattress can slide a little if you move a lot in your sleep. It’s not a big problem, we’re talking an inch or so in a week, and you can shift it back no problem. But if the sides just extended up an inch past the slats to prevent the mattress from being able to move at all, it would be the perfect bed.

  4. MomtoBoys

    Nice looking. Sturdy. Extremely easy to assemble. Great full-size for under $200.This is a very nice looking fabric platform bed. No box spring needed. Pairs nicely with the bed-in-a-box Modway Jenna 14” Innerspring and Memory Foam Full Mattress With Individually Encased Coils (under $250). The frame is sturdy with plenty of slats. It is also extremely easy to assemble with 2 people. (Hint: Watch the video on the Amazon page before unpacking.) My only complaint is that the slats are on the same level as the base, which means that the mattress does not sit down into the frame (so that it doesn’t move). Not a deal breaker, but more of a nice-to-have.

  5. J-Weitzenheimer

    SolidThe bed went together like a dream and is very solid. It is supported on NINE legs! Worried it would look cheap but looks classy. Five stars so far. If it collapses in a year I will update.

  6. Monica davis

    Good bedYou can put the bed together in no time I love it

  7. Beltlasvegas

    Easy to assemble sturdyThe bed was easy to put together and is sturdy and doesn’t squeak

  8. Open Atelier

    Well FitIt came just the way I pictured it to be. Firm and steady.

  9. Karen Farrington

    Bought for my grandson!I will say that due to my 15yr old grandson putting this together for himself, the instructions must have been well understood. He put it together all by himself no help. The bed looks good and he says he likes it!

  10. diego

    It is super easy to assembleEasy to set and sturdy

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