ZINUS Keenan Metal Mattress Foundation / Standing Box Spring / Headboard Brackets Included / Easy Assembly, Queen

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Product details

Size Queen
Material Alloy Steel
Product Dimensions 79″L x 59.5″W x 14″H
Style Standing Box Spring
Color Black
Brand Zinus
  • Sturdy Steel Frame With Poly Jacquard Cover
  • ALL-IN-ONE SUPPORT – Made with the same steel structure of our tried and true box springs, the Keenan Mattress Foundation features a dependable mattress platform supported by multiple durable legs for stability you can count on
  • HEADBOARD COMPATIBLE – Included headboard brackets allow you to attach your favorite standard-sized headboard to the foundation; hardware for attachment is not included
  • DURABLY ENGINEERED – Durable steel is used to construct the interior framework of this reliable foundation for greater longevity; twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 700 lbs
  • THOUGHTFULLY PACKAGED – All parts and instructions are packed into one compact box that ships straight to your door
  • Worry-free 5 year limited warranty included


The Keenan Metal Mattress Foundation definitely meets every expectation you might have for a box spring, plus more! This one-of-a-kind foundation conveniently rolls the box spring and bed frame into one easy-to-assemble piece. Simply place your mattress directly on top of this frame and you’re ready for many well-rested nights to come. Its solid steel framework provides strength and longevity to uphold any mattress, and its clever support legs mean that you don’t need a bed frame to reap the benefits of this excellent support system. And as an added bonus, brackets for attaching your own headboard are built right in, so you can personalize the bed to suit your existing décor. A 5 year warranty is included for your peace of mind, and all of the tools, parts and instructions needed for quick and simple setup are packed into one box that ships right to your doorstep. Now that’s what we call convenience!

From the manufacturer

Metal Smart BoxSpring

Strong Support for a Good Night's Sleep

boxspring metal frame
Form Meets Function

All-in-One Support

Enjoy the functionality of both a bed frame and box spring with one ingenious piece! A secure steel frame is supported by durable legs in the center, sides and corners of the foundation, making your bed frame a thing of the past. And brackets for attaching your own headboard are built right in, so you can personalize the bed to suit your existing décor.

Handyman Skills Not Required

Build It, Stress-Free

All tools, parts and instructions are conveniently packed into one box for set-up that takes less than an hour with a friend’s help. Now that’s what we call convenience!

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Are any tools required to assemble my box spring?

This box spring is shipped with everything you need to assemble it – all parts, tools and instructions can be found efficiently packed in the shipping box.

Does this box spring require a bed frame?

This box spring is cleverly engineered with convenient support legs that lift the foundation off the ground, meaning you can forgo the bed frame!

What kind of mattress can this box spring support?

Our box springs are designed to do it all! Rest your memory foam, latex or spring mattress on top for smooth snoozing.

What is the distance between slats?

For Twin and Full sizes, spacing is 6.3 inches. For Queen and King sizes, spacing is 6.7 inches.

Additional information

Weight 700 lbs
Dimensions 79 × 59.5 × 14 in



Alloy Steel


Standing Box Spring





Furniture Finish


Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

59.5 x 79 x 14 inches, 79L x 59.5W x 14H

Item Weight

46.87 Pounds, 46.9 Pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Fabric Type

Sturdy Steel Frame With Poly Jacquard Cover

Warranty Description

Worry-free 5 year limited warranty included.

Batteries Required



Sleep Revolution, Zinus

10 reviews for ZINUS Keenan Metal Mattress Foundation / Standing Box Spring / Headboard Brackets Included / Easy Assembly, Queen

  1. Yours Truly

    Deserves Six Stars, Even If Only For One ReasonIt’s tax refund season, and it’s been about ten years since I bought my mattress and box spring. Having moved into a new house with a currently empty guest bedroom, I figured the time was right to replace my old bed; it can go into the guest room and I’ll get a new one.After some shopping, I ended up on a Zinus foam mattress and this box spring. The box spring arrived in a large box–the box itself was about 6 feet tall and square, maybe 9-10 inches on each side. I was able to move it on my own, but I’m also a big strong guy; if you’re by yourself and not a big strong guy, you might need some help moving it.I pulled the old mattress, box spring and frame out of the bedroom so I’d have plenty of room to work. I opened the box, reached in and pulled out the first part. And this, my friends, was the moment that immediately sealed my five star review.If you’re looking at this, you’re like me: you’ve assembled more than your share of “RTA” (ready to assemble) furniture in your time. Your knuckles start to hurt if you even *look* at an Allen wrench. You’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve been trying to tighten a bolt with that cursed hunk of hexagonal metal and slipped and bashed your hand into something solid and started swearing at it.The first thing I pulled out of the box was a ratcheting Allen wrench. Ratcheting. A ratcheting Allen wrench. Yes, there was the regular “hunk of cold metal” L-shaped Allen wrench that costs them three cents packed in with the bolts. But separate from that, there was a ratcheting Allen wrench.In my book, whoever decided to include a ratcheting Allen wrench is worthy of canonization.Assembly was fairly straightforward. The directions, like most RTA stuff, were printed with almost no words. (BTW, if you’re like me, you read ahead while doing these sorts of projects; in step two, if you start adding up bolts, you might find yourself suspecting you’re short a few, but not clearly indicated in the directions is that there are bolts actually built in to the frame pieces that you just have to tighten nuts onto.) The executive summary: you assemble the metal frame, insert the crossbars (no bolts; they just snap into place), wrap the cover around the frame, then screw in the feet. Take your time, examine the diagrams carefully and it’s quite an easy assembly.The frame fit into the cover very easily; there’s a zipper which goes around the bottom. The cover isn’t super taut, so it zipped up quite easily. There are slits in the bottom of the cover in appropriate spots to allow the bolts from the feet to screw into the frame.The only quibble (and this is very minor) is that the brackets for attaching to a headboard are attached to the frame via two of the legs. On a traditional bed, you’d have a metal frame upon which the box spring sits, so you could pull the box spring off and attach the frame to the headboard, then replace the box spring on the frame. Because this is all one unit, getting the headboard attached to the box spring brackets can be a bit of a pain. But that’s a pretty minor complaint.Assembly time: it took me about 1:15 to assemble. That includes moving time for getting the old bed parts moved out, the box in, unpacking, assembly and clean-up. It also includes ten minutes or so trying to figure out step two (mentioned above).Zinus did a good job with packing; the pieces are lashed together with thick plastic zip ties, so you’ll need a utility knife or strong pair of scissors to cut them, but aside from that, there’s just a couple of small pieces of styrofoam at either end for cushioning, so when it’s done, you’re not buried in plastic wrap and shredded foam and crap.End result: a decent looking box spring which provides a good support for the foam mattress on top of it.And did I mention the ratcheting Allen wrench?EDIT IN JUNE 2021: Just swinging by to add a couple more notes:1) I’ve seen some people complain about squeaking from their box springs. I’ve never heard a peep out of mine. It’s been about 2-1/2 years and it’s never made a sound. Still in perfect condition.2) Did I mention the ratcheting Allen wrench? Because I kept it. And I’ve used it on other RTA stuff. Many times. (I’m cheap.) Seriously, America is an incredibly divided nation right now, but I think we can all come together in support for sainthood for the executive at Zinus who greenlit spending an extra 42 cents on including this.

  2. Koonu

    ExcellentSo easy to assemble, zero noise and great quality! Love it!

  3. Gloria Jackson

    Great ProductGreat Product Overall; I Like It!! But 2 Thing’s I Didn’t/Don’t Like: 1. I Had To Put The Pad On The Frame, Padding Is Not Very Soft Or Thick Enough, Has To Be Hand Tied Onto The Frame Underneath It!!! I Didn’t See Any Information On Ordering A New Pad For The Frame!! 2. It Didn’t Come With Any Screw’s To Attach It To The/A Headboard!!! If Not For Those 2 Thing’s, I’d Give This Product A “Perfect 10.”!!!

  4. jg

    A must read review for Casper mattress ownersA review for Casper mattress ownersI bought this frame to serve as the base for my brand new king size Casper mattress. The box spring kit arrived a few days before my mattress, allowing me a little time to do some research on the best foundation to use for a Casper mattress. According to Casper’s official documentation:”The best option is a slatted base frame (with slats no more than three inches apart) or a firm platform. With metal frames, you want to make sure that the base has unyielding wooden slats that are thick enough to support the bed.”Based on this information I started to panic a little bit. When assembled, this frame has SIGNIFICANT gaps between the metal support rods, and definitely would not meet the 3 inch gaps recommended by Casper (in some spots there are big squares of space). I decided to go to a few mattress stores in town to look into a more traditional wood box spring, and found that every box spring in stock seemed to all have slats that had much more than 3 inches between them. After some consideration, I decided I would assemble the frame and if it felt sturdy enough I would go buy some lumber from the local hardware store and make my own wooden platform on top of the frame with 3 inch gaps. I decided to place the boards perpendicular to the metal supports in order to provide the most stable support possible. I purchased 6 1×10 inch boards for about $37 and had the hardware store cut them to 78 3/4″. While at the hardware store I also looked around for some way to secure the boards to the frame to keep the boards from moving around. I ended up purchasing Velcro with adhesive and affixed one end of the Velcro to the cover of the metal frame and the other to the underside of the boards. I am really happy with how this DIY solution ended up working out, and now I don’t have to worry about damage to the integrity of the mattress overtime or sagging (see my pictures for a better idea of what I did). Alternatively you could use plywood, but I liked the portability of the lumber as opposed to one giant piece of plywood.Assembling the frame:I admit after reading some of the reviews I was worried about the difficulty in assembling the frame. It turned out to be really easy. There are no written instructions, but the pictures were more than enough to get it assembled correctly on the first try. I assembled the metal frame myself with no additional tools in about an hour. I did have help lifting the frame in order to zip the cover on, but I am fairly confident I could have done that myself if I had to, but I would recommend having two people to do this to make sure you don’t tear the cover.Sturdiness:The fully assembled box spring seems really sturdy. It does not creak or rattle or seem to move at all under the mattress. I have slept on the fully assembled frame with a mattress and the lumber supports for several weeks now and have been very pleased with the overall sturdiness of this box spring.Headboard mounts:I purchased the box spring with the headboard mounts, but unfortunately the holes in the mount do not line up with the holes in the supports of the headboard, and the frame is narrower than the headboard legs. I will likely mount the headboard directly to the wall “hotel style”. Don’t plan on using the included headboard mounts to fit a king size headboard without modification.Feet/height:I purchased the model that has 9 little plastic legs that screw into the frame after you put the cover on. There are little sewn holes in the cover where you screw the feet in and were lined up perfectly to do this on the first try. The overall height of the frame and mattress, even with the feet was significantly lower than our previous queen bed set, so I ended up purchasing 3 inch risers to raise the bed to a more acceptable height.Final Thoughts:-I wish the frame was taller. The new bed seems to be much lower to the ground than my previous mattress and box spring.-We bought the ‘standing box spring’ version, so it came with little plastic feet/legs that screw into the bottom of the bossing over the cover. The legs are sturdy, and there’s 9 in total.-Overall I am happy with this purchase, and think this was the better option when compared to a traditional king box spring. It will be much easier to take apart and move, for sure.

  5. Karla Flores

    Worked for what I wantedAt first it was super sturdy and wouldn’t make a noise. After a year it would make a lot of noise getting on and off the bed. Became wobbly no matter how much I would tighten it.Worked at first but will need to be replaced.

  6. Brieanna Bell

    Have patience, great benefits await youProduct was simple enough to assemble, although the directions were just two sets of pictures that were slightly unhelpful at times. The good news is that every piece is numbered, except for the screws. Each number matches up to the same number on a seperate piece.The two longer screws are only used on the 1 and 2 middle pieces, the other short screws go into holes elsewhere. The knuts are screwed on after connecting the side pieces and a few go in the middle. There IS a Ratchet tool that comes with the product, as well as a L tool for the screws if you dont want to use the ratchet, and a flat wrench to tighten the bolts.Came with feet and a cover which were relatively easy to add. Very comfy and true to its size.

  7. Karen Seyer

    I would have preferred wood legs. I m happy with it so farLiked it being metal and white edge

  8. Alexis

    Good boxspring/frameAssembled this today for my boyfriend. It was really easy to assemble and it seems really sturdy. I was worried about it being heavy, but it’s actually fairly light. The only downside was one of the corner braces was bent, making it hard to get the screw in. We managed to mostly straighten it with a rubber mallet, but was still a bit crooked. Overall though, its good quality metal and engineering.Ps – the cover was really tight putting it on, but once you get the zipper part over the bottom, it fits perfectly.

  9. missy

    Missing some parts and is a little low to the groundNice bedframe but it came missing some hardware. 6 nuts were missing. It only took a trip to Lowes to pick them up but still 40 minutes I didn’t need to lose. The frame is sturdy and does a good job of eliminating the need for a box spring but it sits a little too low for my taste (I use a 10″ Zinus memory foam mattress). A few risers will easily solve this when I get around to it.

  10. Jules

    Had a great night’s sleep, better than expectedI had been looking at options for ages for how to set up the pretty vintage bed I bought (headboard/footboard and sideboards, a shell I doubted would be sturdy enough to hold much). I did the measurements when I saw this and realized it would fit in the interior of the bed “shell” and no-one would likely know.Initially, I was underwhelmed when I got the package, the box looked like it had been retaped and on opening the box, it was clear this was a return item as most of the ties holding everything together were cut. But the contents looked to be in ok shape. I then opened the instructions and had a sweet panic. But the urge to get my mattress off the floor and have a pretty bedroom was motivation to try.I set everything in place at first and realized it was not as bad as I first thought, there was a lot of logic to the instructions and the bolts/tools had not been opened so hoped everything I needed was there and it was. I won’t lie, it took a couple of hours (on my own (older female), and it was Friday night, so I started tired and kept breaking to snack etc) but once I started I knew it was a really good quality product from how well all the pieces fit together and I was just excited to finish it.So after months I had my first night in my bed, and my mattress felt like new on the box spring. I am super impressed with the company, and look at its options for future bedding needs. It is well worth the time to put it together.

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