ZINUS Lorrick Metal Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation / Easy, Bolt Free Assembly, King

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Product details

Size King
Material Wood, Alloy Steel
Product Dimensions 79.5″L x 75.5″W x 18″H
Style 18 Inch
Color Black
Included Components Steel Frame, Wooden Slats
  • Made of high-quality steel and plywood for durability
  • MORE FUNCTIONAL THAN IT LOOKS – With its super simple assembly, headboard compatibility and generous underbed clearance space, there’s certainly more than meets the eye to this modern, clean-lined foundation
  • UNDERBED CLEARANCE – A tall platform features generous underbed space perfect for storing extra odds and ends; twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 700 lbs
  • NO BOX SPRING NEEDED – Durable wood slats support and extend the life of your latex, memory foam or spring mattress without the need for a box spring; slats are spaced 2.5 – 3 inches apart
  • BOLT FREE ASSEMBLY – Our Quick Snap assembly system means hassle-free setup without nuts or bolts in under 30 minutes; everything you need is efficiently packed into one box and shipped straight to your door
  • Worry-free 5-year limited warranty included; mattress sold separately

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For lovers of convenience and clean-cut style, the Lorrick Metal Platform Bed is a piece that checks all the boxes. This functional metal frame makes a seamless addition to any space, with its bold black metal, simple lines and foolproof assembly system that makes setup an absolute breeze. In fact, the entire thing comes together without any nuts or bolts in less than 30 minutes. And after pulling it off in record time, you’re left with a bed that’s sturdily engineered to support your mattress on top of its wood platform without a box spring. This foundation also has leg openings to accommodate a headboard of your choice, so matching it to your bedroom’s ambiance is easier than ever. It even gives you plenty of practical room underneath for storage. The Lorrick is delivered to your door with a 5-year warranty included, so you can count on nothing but perfection from this sleek and sturdy bed.

From the brand

From the manufacturer

Lorrick Quick Snap Bed Frame

Build it in under 30 minutes

Easy-peasy assembly

All you need to assemble this bed is the simple instructions and nifty hammer we include with it. That’s right, our patented Quick Snap system means you can put it together with no extra nuts, bolts, or handyman skills required.

Lorrick Quick Snap Bed Frame Assembly

Lorrick Quick Snap Bed Frame sizes
Find the best fit for your room

Choose your size

Available in both 14″ and 18″ profiles, you can choose the height that best suits your mattress and your space. Plus, all that under bed clearance is perfect for extra storage.

Save time and hassle

It’s all included

All parts, along with tools and easy-to-follow instructions, are expertly packed into one compact box that arrives at your doorstep, ready to be assembled and welcomed into your home.

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Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 79.5 × 75.5 × 18 cm



Wood Alloy Steel


18 Inch



Included Components

Steel Frame Wooden Slats



Furniture Finish

Alloy Steel

Assembly Required


Item Weight

68.9 pounds, 68.92 Pounds

Product Dimensions

79.5 x 75.5 x 18 inches, 79.5L x 75.5W x 18H

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

18 inches

Assembled Width

75.5 inches

Assembled Length

79.5 inches


82.76 Pounds



Date First Available

October 6 2016



10 reviews for ZINUS Lorrick Metal Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation / Easy, Bolt Free Assembly, King

  1. S. Frolik

    Lots of storage underneathI just bought my 3rd one. I buy the 18 inch tall and do not use a box spring, this allows for so much storage under the bed. The first frame like this several years ago squeaked but I think they improved the design, this one fits together well. When it did squeak before we just cut a small piece of cloth like a cut up old pillow case where the joints fit together and that fixed the problem. Would buy again! So easy to assemble as well.

  2. Alexandra Traspadini

    A 10 years old boy can assemblyI never have só easier bed to assembly. After I unbox it I spent exactely 4 minuts and 38 seconds to assembly. And I was alone. No screws, really pratice .

  3. Kalyn

    Lasted us 5 years and 2 movesThis frame lasted 5 years and 2 moves! Great value for the price. After our 2nd move with it the frame became really squeaky and shaky. Until then, it was great. We also fit a lot of stuff under the bed for storage.

  4. JTaylor

    So far it’s been goodI would have rather gone with a 14 inch vs 18 inch but I like it well enough. Haven’t had any issues. Doesn’t squeak.

  5. Lester McGowan

    Rock solid, for now (and 5 months later) [and 4 years later!]Update 10/19/2020 – Still the same bed from day 1. If I had a complaint, it would be that the mattress slides around quite a bit. I hit my toes a lot too. But that’s just my own ignorance. I think I was the first reviewer. Maybe I got mine early enough in the production run that everything was still being treated with precision and care. Many reviewers of all sizes seem to have wildly varying opinions. Mine is a queen. It has seen its share of action, luckily about once a week on average, and it hasn’t budged. One commenter accused me of receiving compensation for this review. Nope! All my money and my opinions. I originally bought it because we live in a small house with limited storage and this bed affords plenty of room underneath.Bed skirts don’t fit worth a damn though, but I don’t think it’s meant to have one either. I also have a twin with headboard in my sons room. He’s had his for 3 years (…I think?). It’s sad to think that such a great product has take such a turn for the worse. Good luck to all !Update, 8/20/2017- I always feel the need to update this as I receive responses to questions I’ve asked about similar models (specifically the 18″ high version). Still rock solid and dead silent. Not sure what makes mine so special but it’s true. I would definitely buy this one again.Update, 4/19/2017-We have had both memory foam and coil spring mattresses on this frame. It’s been about 5 months and this thing is still super solid. It’s almost unimaginable when you consider the ease of assembly. We sleep on every night, jump around on it when we play with our little dogs, and all the …ahem… *other* stuff that you do in bed (mostly eat ice cream and watch Netflix). Not so much as a wobble or squeak, ever. I think I’m going to buy one in twin for my son. And for anyone who thinks these reviews are fake please know that mine is not! In no way am I affiliated with (or compensated by) this company, or Amazon.———–I have only had this a short time, but so far it is awesome. Super easy to put together. All you need by way of skills is the ability to count to 7, and the ability to swing a (provided) hammer. Granted, its a tight fit, but it should be. If you’ve ever been to a warehouse store where the racks and bins are large pieces of square tube steel, know that this frame is made of that stuff. Honestly, I was surprised at how strong and rigid this was once put together.This frame has no rock, sway, bounce, or squeak – especially when it counts. (wink, wink)My only complaint – if it counts is that – is that the legs are all the way out to the corner. This is a decorative frame, so they are meant to be that way to be seen. If you are coming from a more traditional bed frame, those tend to tuck the legs back away from passing toes. We have a skirt on ours to hide the under-stuff, so that doesn’t help the toe situation any.Mine shipped well. No damage to the product, and very little damage to the box. I was able to move the box short distances by myself, but it’s not advised. The total package is quite heavy. UPS had it marked as “team lift – over 70 lbs”. Plan ahead – have help to carry the box up stairs or through tight spaces, or be prepared to take the contents elsewhere one piece at a time. That’s not a huge task as the queen set only consists of 5 pieces of steel and 2 bundles of slats (and a free hammer). Also know that the slats are bound together with Velcro ribbons, so they will have to be carried in their 2 respective bundles. Oddly, the slats seem to be the majority of the weight here.The head and foot are different pieces. The head has slots for headboard hardware, but I’m not certain it will match up to every headboard our there. You may have to get creative should you want to mount a headboard to this frame. I’m guessing if you buy a headboard from Zinus, it will connect with no problems. You’ll have to talk to Zinus about that.So far, I am beyond pleased. This frame has exceeded expectation, so far.

  6. S K

    Great until it squeaks 3 years later (like all quick assembly frames)Pros:Portable, Sturdy, Easy to assemble and disassemble, Good for storageCons:Mine started to squeak horribly loudly after moving 4 times over 3 years. (Great frame to get you through undergraduate in my opinion though), All other quick assemble frames I looked at also had similar issues in reviews though.

  7. erin demastes

    Not bad!This frame seems sturdy and was super easy to assemble. Some of the corners aren’t flush with each other, so I’m not sure if that’s going to be a problem in the future. Hopefully it’ll be OK.

  8. TC

    Excellent priceExcellent price

  9. Harrison Hill

    Amazing Value + Storage!It wasn’t super easy to put together but I managed to do so without touching the instructions. I later read them and found that I did inadvertently actually do each step properly. It’s been a few weeks and the sturdiness issue that stemmed from the assembly road block (the back corner wouldn’t snug properly into place) has since ceased. I love the amount of space you get with the clearance of 18″. I also love that there is only one support beam in the middle. Makes for a seamless and minimalist vibe. My tiny room appears larger with the open air below and I am obsessed with the height of which I sleep now. I had a 14″ before and yea, this is way better. Always make sure that your platform bed doesn’t have exposed midsection beams or supports that show. Trust me. You’ll end up with bed skirts galore. Plus the previous 14″ didn’t make the cut with storage, go for the 18″ and this is a perfect example!

  10. E.Marcellus

    Great for storage and sweeping, except center leg is a little trickyI gave this bed 2 stars before, because my center leg got bent just from normal use, but I am now giving 4 stars because Zinus sent me a new center leg and center support beam for free! They also wrote: “We do suggest on hardwood floor to use furniture pads under the legs to prevent the legs from slipping.” When I replaced my leg and beam, my old leg’s threaded bolt was barely bent. My advice: when you pound the center beam into the “Quick Snaps” with the included mallet, the last steps (6&7) of the frame instructions, do *not* pound it all the way in so that the leg foot touches the floor. Leave around 2 mm clearance, then put a furniture pad (or furniture slider) under the leg. That way if the bed slides during normal use hopefully the foot won’t catch on the ground and bend the leg; or else pads under all legs might prevent the bed from sliding at all. The 18-inch-high bed is great if it is safe because of the extra height for storage and just for sweeping and seeing under it. Here is my old review: “The cylindrical center leg just screws directly into the long metal center support beam, with no washer or plate to distribute load. If the bed slides even a little across the floor, the center leg will tilt. This happens in normal use, if you try to move the bed, or even if people moving on top of the bed cause it to shift. If the bed slides sideways even an inch, the threaded bolt at the top of the leg will try to twist that center beam. Something has to give. That center leg is just a prop that only works if it is perfectly vertical, but if the bed shifts and forces the leg to tilt, the hollow leg cylinder may bend and crumple inside, since the bolt is hidden. I do not know that this is what is happening! Still, I suspect I could tear out the leg just by hand, by grabbing it and pulling to the side. Whenever I look at it, it is tilted in a different direction just from the bed moving around. Look at your own center leg and even at the promotional pictures: the center leg looks slightly tilted even in the advertisements. If there is a design flaw, it could be particularly dangerous because the 18-inch-high frame allows children and pets to crawl underneath, plus you’ll fall farther. I’d love the bed if it were not a hazard, because I can see and sweep and store under it. But it seems dangerous and I have not slept well on it because I worry it’s going to collapse. I think there is a design flaw in that flimsy center support leg. The bed looks sturdy until you realize that those thick corner legs may give a false sense of security — I hope they are enough, because the center leg is gammy.”

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