Zinus Moiz 14 Inch Wood Platform Bed / No Box Spring Needed / Wood Slat Support / Dark Brown, Full

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Product details

Size Full
Material Wood
Product Dimensions 74.5″L x 53.5″W x 14″H
Style Standard
Color Dark Brown
Included Components Headboard
  • Platform Wood Bed in Dark Brown Color | Mattress not included
  • Product dimensions – 74.5” L x 53.5” W x 14” H | Weight – 50.6 lbs. | Weight limit – 250 lbs. excluding mattress | Distance between slats – 3” | Distance from floor to bottom of frame – 10.5 | Total legs – 9 (6 at sides & 3 in the middle)
  • Wood frame is made from 100% solid wood and features clean, traditional styling with a variety of available colors
  • Designed with sturdy wooden slats to support and extend the life of any foam, latex or spring mattress without the use of a box spring
  • 14 inch overall height with 10.5 inches of clearance space under the bed is perfect for storing odds and ends


The Zinus wood platform bed is beautifully simple and works well with any style of home décor. The 3.5 inch frame and legs are made of wood to support your memory foam, latex, or spring mattress. The Zinus wood platform bed is 14 inches high and designed for use with or without a box spring foundation. Stylish and strong support for your mattress.

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About Us

We like to think we’re in the business of creating harmony. It’s why we fit fluffy beds into boxes and make bed frames and sofas that are as easy to assemble as they are to relax or fall asleep on. We are here to design tiny reminders that life is good.

Additional information

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 74.5 × 53.5 × 14 in







Dark Brown

Included Components




Furniture Finish

Strong Wood Slat

Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

74.5 x 53.5 x 14 inches, 74.5L x 53.5W x 14H

Item Weight

50.6 Pounds



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Form Factor

Platform Bed

Batteries Required




10 reviews for Zinus Moiz 14 Inch Wood Platform Bed / No Box Spring Needed / Wood Slat Support / Dark Brown, Full


    Well built, refreshingly simple to assemble, handsome piece, great valueThis is my first review of anything on Amazon, and generally I’d not bother to take the time. You’d think a assembling a bed frame would be such a mundane thing too, but Zinus has taken the experience to a level that was dare I say enjoyable. I bought the Zinus because it was cheap, it was wood, and looked simple, but was pleasantly surprised how everything about the product, instructions, and packaging oozed deliberate thoughtful design.The box opens clam shell so you don’t have to dump out all the pieces. The pieces are all neatly stacked. All the pieces were wrapped in thin foam sheet, and even the filler styrofoam pads were encased in plastic bags so no little styrofoam bits litter the box and your floor. Zinus even packs you a little thank you note with a set of cards to spread some cheer to your friends and family.The instructions were mostly pictures, but with the appropriate amount of annotation and matching labels on the parts to properly identify and orient them during assembly. All the labels remain on the parts, no need to remove them as they are hidden after assembly. The instruction were printed on 2 sheets that could be laid side by side to see the all the steps at once. I especially appreciate the inset diagram of the assembled frame in each step that shows exactly which part of the frame you were working on. I’ve put together a lot of furniture, and by far these are the best assembly instructions I’ve ever encountered.The hardware came in a plastic blister pack with a cardboard backing and contained all the fasteners, washers, and hex wrench – the only tool actually needed to assemble the frame. All the part labels were simple letters and matched the instructions, none of the nonsense about size of the fastener to identify them – they were probably metric but nobody cares or really needs to know. I really appreciated that all the fasteners used the same hex nut and the lengths easy to tell the difference. There are also generous spares of all the hardware. A ratchet hex wrench is also included, which was handy. The instructions, hardware, and tools all came in a perfectly sized zip lock which I used to put the instructions, spares, and tools in and attached under the frame after the build.The build took less than an hour by myself, except at one point assembling partial sides together. I could have done it using something to prop the frame, but my wife was around to help. To speed up the build, I used a cordless drill with a matching hex bit on the lowest torque setting so I wouldn’t accidentally strip out the inset nuts in the wood. Most of the holes aligned perfectly and I could easily finger tighten the hex bolts, a few required the ratchet to get started. I didn’t see any wood shavings in the holes, so I suspect these inset nuts were just slightly off of true. After using the drill to run in the bolt, I’d tighten with the ratchet a quarter turn or so to snug the joint. The final step in the assembly was the slats. There are dowels to align the center slats and velcro to keep the slats from sliding around. Two of the slats have sticky tape attached to prevent your mattress from sliding around.I couldn’t identify the wood species, the grain was uniform and clear, if felt like a hard wood. The machining of the holes and joints were uniform and clean, with no chips. I got the dark finish, it was consistent color on all the pieces and no stain rubbed off on my hands. The steel pieces for the spine of the frame were true, with tight welds, painted to match the wood. The holes to attach the spine to the wood frame lined up nicely, only one bolt needed a little coaxing before I could finger tighten it. The top of the spine is lined with fabric to prevent abrading of the slats.Overall very good quality product and excellent instructions. If Zinus is reading this, my only suggestions are perhaps think of a way to attach the zip lock for instructions/tools/spares to the frame; clearer instructions for the slats as I initially installed the first one upside down; recyclable packing materials instead of the foam and styrofoam.

  2. jerzeegyrl

    Second one I purchased.Easy assembly. I have the same one in Full size that I bought in 2020. No problems with either. No creaking sounds.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Not sturdy, broken & squeaky after timeWhile we like how it looked, over time the screws got loose, one leg cracked, and now the bed squeaks and wobbles (no matter how often we try to tighten the screws). It feels like it’s about to fall apart. These issues started about 1 year after purchase, and now 2.5 years later we have to find a new bed frame before this one breaks.

  4. Richard

    QUALITY platform bed!TL;DR: Fantastic, solid-wood bed at an amazing price_________________________________________________I’ve bought a lot of regrettable trash on Amazon that had great reviews, so as always, I was skeptical that this bed might be yet another mistake. Luckily, this has been an AMAZING purchase. So much so, that I’m writing a review (which I rarely do).MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS1. Packaging – Exceptionally packaged hardware, with plenty of extra screws/washers. The bed parts are VERY well put together with the styrofoam protection, and the parts easy to separate and identify.2. Assembly – I have put together A LOT of furniture over the years, and this bed is likely the easiest item I have ever had the pleasure of assembling. The instructions (pictured) are SUPER SIMPLE, and there are probably as few pieces as physically possible. But the most amazing part, by far – THEY INCLUDE A RATCHETING HEX KEY. I have NEVER encountered this – and I cannot overstate its importance. This makes assembly SOOO much easier, instead of having to work with that puny, L-shaped hex key that most products give you.3. Quality – this thing is SOLID, QUALITY WOOD. I was honestly surprised. They really put attention into the details as well. They put felt on parts of the metal supports where it will touch other metal – so that it doesn’t squeak.**I’ve seen some other reviewers state that some of the bottoms can scratch hardwood floors. A LOT OF PRODUCTS DO THAT! It is by no means exclusive to this product. Metal on wood, will scratch wood – it’s not complicated. Just put some cheap felt adhesive pads on the bottoms of all the feet. I do this with everything anyway, so that I can slide stuff around easily.

  5. Interested in NY

    Great!We own vacation rental properties, so we have put together countless beds and items of furniture. This was one of the easiest and most clever designs yet. Very sturdy. Very reasonable price. Would absolutely order this item and from this company again. We bought two different beds and one mattress from Zinus and they were all awesome.

  6. Mike

    Spend a little more and get a better platform.For the money I guess it’s what you pay for. Soon after I purchased it I noticed my back was giving me problems. I spent some time paying attention to my habits to discover what was causing it. What I realized is this, I kept tripping over the center Footing on the bed platform. My beds in the past did not have a footing in center of the bed where it is easy to trip over when making the bed. Once I started paying attention to this and stopped tripping over it my back problems went away. Get a better bed that does not use a footing in the center of the perimeter structure.

  7. Jo

    Still tightening screws after two yearsKeeping it for as long as possible cause I’m going broke. But after almost two years, I still have to crawl under the bed and tighten all the screws. It loosens up every few months. Im just sleeping on a prayer now cause I am tired of tightening the bolts.

  8. Angela

    easy to build – needs adjusting over timethe bed frame was super easy to assemble! it was done by my boyfriend and i in less than an hour. good amount if space between floor and bed (able to fit shallow tote bins underneath & suitcases).after about 3 months of using it, i noticed that the bed would wobble when we got into it. so the other day i went underneath and found that a lot of the bolts were pretty loose! easy fix to tighten them but something to consider

  9. John L.

    Sturdy, easy to assemble, good quality.This platform bed is far better than I was expecting. The manufacturer seems to care about quality, so much so they SEALED THE STYROFOAM PIECES IN PLASTIC!! (pictured) so when you open the box there aren’t little styrofoam balls everywhere.. Who does that? (A company who values quality, that’s who). The bed itself is very nice, the wood is beautiful and feels solid. The slats are connected together with a strip of velcro, and the side rails are lined with the other strip of velco holding the slats in place with no screws needed. Even the center support rail has a strip of felt cloth along the top, further preventing the slats from sliding or moving, and 2 of the slats have a strip of double sided tape on them, which when the cover on the tape is removed, helps prevent the mattress from sliding. After it was fully assembled I was able to life the whole thing up by just the center rail, and no part of the bed sagged/moved/bent or warped, which to me means it’s rather solid and sturdy once assembled. Overall I am very happy, the price weighed against to quality, I’d say I got a good deal on this. Will post an update after a month or two, and note any(if any) changes or flaws I find (tho I doubt I will find any flaws).

  10. Rowan Stanley

    Stable frame, good for the priceI went back and forth on ordering this frame a few times because my fear that anything this price would be flimsy…and I’m so glad I finally purchased it! The frame came neatly packed and included all necessary tools to put it together; construction was relatively easy (I did have to look up a video to clarify the first few steps as the directions are all pictures and no text but after that it was pretty straightforward). I do recommend having someone to help hold pieces in place while you put the screws in; my partner and I were able to complete it in about an hour. The slats also come with an adhesive strip to keep your mattress from sliding around but I opted not to use it and have not had any problems with my mattress sliding off the frame. Overall, very happy.The reason I give this 4/5 stars is because there were some cosmetic issues. I ordered the dark brown frame; while the overall color is fine, there’s some inconsistency with the wood stain and some areas are obviously lighter than others. Also, two of the four legs had dents in the side–this appears to have happened during shipping however and wasn’t bad enough to effect the stability of the bed so it didn’t bother me much, but this seems to be a common issue so keep that in mind.

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