ZINUS No Assembly Metal Box Spring / 7.5 Inch White Mattress Foundation / Sturdy Metal Structure, Split King

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  • Sturdy Steel Frame With Poly Jacquard Cover
  • AS SIMPLE AS UNFOLD & UNWIND – Requiring no tools and zero tedious assembly, the innovative No Assembly box spring requires only unfolding to become bedtime ready; the hardest part will be taking it out of the box
  • DURABLY ENGINEERED – Durable steel is used to construct the interior framework of this reliable foundation; twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 700 lbs; King size is a split version
  • EASY SETUP – Simply unfold and secure the zipper on the cover
  • THOUGHTFULLY PACKAGED – All parts and instructions are packed into one compact box that ships straight to your door
  • Worry-free 5 year limited warranty included; box spring only, a bed frame or platform bed is required to support this foundation and is sold separately

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Believe it or not, we’ve made the box spring more functional, more durable, and dare we even say, fun! Our No Assembly Box Spring is not your average foundation. Its folding design not only makes set-up insanely easy, but it also comes in handy on moving day, maneuvering easily in and around tight hallways and corners. What’s more, it features a structure made of thick and durable steel, meaning that frames and mattresses may come and go, but this box spring will be with you for the long haul. Once unboxed, this brilliant foundation practically assembles itself by taking shape once unfolded. Essentially, deciding where to place the bed will take longer than setting up this box spring. Backed by both our 5-year worry free warranty and hundreds of positive customer reviews, this box spring is about as easy as decisions get.

From the manufacturer

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boxspring with frame
Designed for Convenience

Unfold & Unwind

A bifold box spring offers the look and functionality of a typical box spring without its tedious assembly. It is expertly engineered from heavy gauge steel to improve durability and still fit into a single box for easy mobility around tight spaces.

available in 4, 7.5 and 9 inches profiles

Snaps into place like your wallet

boxspring steel frame

Strong, Stable and Sturdy

Built to Last

Interior steel framework adds premium strength, structure and longevity and requires no extra assembly.

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Handyman Skills Not Required

Ready in No Time

If you can open a book, you can put together this one-and-done foundation in just a few minutes. A folding design makes set-up a snap and comes in handy when moving around tight corners and stairways.

Are any tools required to assemble my box spring?

No tools are required to assemble the BiFold box spring; that’s the beauty of it! Set-up is as simple as unbox, unfold and unwind.

Does this box spring require a bed frame?

A basic metal bed frame or platform bed is required to support this box spring. Add your mattress, and you’ve got the dynamic trio for rock solid support.

What kind of mattress can this box spring support?

Our box springs are designed to do it all! Rest your memory foam, latex or spring mattress on top for smooth snoozing.

How much weight can this box spring support?

Excluding the weight of the mattress, Twin and Twin XL sizes can support a maximum weight of 250 lbs. Full, Queen, King and California King sizes can support up to 500 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 54.7 kg
Dimensions 79 × 76 × 7.5 cm
Product Dimensions

79 x 76 x 7.5 inches

Item Weight

54.7 pounds



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Fabric Type

Sturdy Steel Frame With Poly Jacquard Cover

Assembly Required


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10 reviews for ZINUS No Assembly Metal Box Spring / 7.5 Inch White Mattress Foundation / Sturdy Metal Structure, Split King

  1. Debra Chase

    Exactly as describedFairly Easy to unwrap and maneuver for a 5’ tall, mature woman. Was able to unfold, zip up, and place Full Size Box Spring on a bed frame alone. Anything larger would have needed another person to easily accomplish the same thing.Nice product, good value, very satisfied with Zinus Folding Full Size Box Spring.

  2. Michael Daoust

    Excellent choiceExactly what we needed. We couldn’t fit a traditional box spring up the stairs in our cape style home. A split wooded box spring was a lot more expensive. This was easy, easy easy and very sturdy.


    SturdyThis one is heavy but easy to place with two people. In our case we had our mattress sliding so we used zip ties to anchor. Unusual yes but all we had on hand at the time…lol

  4. Ted C.

    AUTOMATIC SETUP WORTH THE MONEYI was debating to purchase this no assembly necessary box spring vs a cheaper version with a hundred screws. This easy setup box spring was worth the money as it was for my daughter’s college apartment.The box arrived on time, I transported it with a dolly, opened the box, and unfolded the box spring.I spent a lot of time assembling the bedframe, so this was a welcome surprise.

  5. Kim Parton

    Did the trick!Bought this to replace a box spring and used an existing mattress we had with it. Easy to open , popped it on the bed and done! Would purchase again.

  6. yvette ortiz

    I love it!!! It’s super easy to put!!! Just open and zipper closed!!! Love it!!!!!!This was quick to put in my king size bed!!!!I didn’t need help! I am super happy with m purchase

  7. Abby Sinyard

    Easy and perfect!Open the box, unfold, and you’re ready to use. Perfect height just like a traditional box spring and sturdy!

  8. Theresa

    Unexpected, but greatIt came in such a slim box, I was initially upset. Then, once I got it out the box, assembled/ unfolded it, I was shocked. It fit my full size bed perfectly.The cover is a little tricky putting on if you’re doing it alone.

  9. black paw

    Box spring and cover were both damaged. Customer service gave me the run around.I opened the box and the split king box spring had some bent bars and the cloth box spring cover had multiple cuts on the “top” side and a hole on the side. The packaging wasn’t damaged so I can only assume the damage happened at the factory.I contacted Zinus customer service, advised them of the damages and simply asked for a replacement cloth cover. I can live with the bent bars since it didn’t seem to impact the feel much. Zinus asked for a copy of my Amazon invoice and pics of the damage which I complied and sent both via email. They then sent me an email asking me to secure a copy of my Amazon invoice through their link which requires entering my Amazon password through their link. I don’t trust the link or them (Zinus) enough to supply them with my Amazon password. They’ve repeatedly sent me the link over and over again which prompts you for your Amazon password. No thanks. I already sent them everything they asked for to document my proof of Amazon purchase and the damage, but they just gave me the run around.They did not resolve my damaged box spring or cover, and since this thing weighs 65 lbs and is pretty cumbersome to return, I’m stuck with a damaged box spring and cover. Buyer beware…UPDATE: After much a do, Zinus eventually sent me a replacement cover to replace the damaged one. Rating updated to reflect same.

  10. Kelly Reifsnyder

    MAKE SURE ITS RIGHT SIDE UP AND HAVE A FRIEND TO MOVE ITMAKE SURE IT IS RIGHT SIDE UPI gave this a 4 because it is doing its job. In my experience, I wouldn’t call it extraordinary but it is really good and does the job. The cons are only depending on where you live and how much help you have for hauling and installation. I am 5’2″ and pretty strong but the box for the queen size that I ordered is HUGE. I should have expected that considering I ordered it, but the packaging is half the size of whatever size bed you order it for. It was delivered to the porch of my apartment building so I dragged it in the front door. I quickly realized that a 5’2″ person who cant even begin to get her arms around this thing and the fact that it needed to go up to my third floor walk up apartment was going to be an issue. I cut it out of the box which made it a little easier to manage since there were bars on the box spring to hold onto. That being said, it is well packaged in bubble wrap so it will not slide anywhere. It took me awhile but I eventually got it up the steps. I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE WHO ORDERS THIS HAS A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER TO HELP MOVE IT IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. It is heavy and awkward and moving it any length should be a two person job.After I got it upstairs and into my bedroom, the hinges were a little sticky. Again, I was doing this alone so I opened it as an upside down V on my bed frame to unfold. The hinges where pretty tight but I eventually got it opened flat and put my mattress on top. Woke up the next morning completely sunken in to the corner. Initially I was upset given all the work it took to get it in the house and laid out. Didn’t take too long to realize that if you install it as I had as an upside down V, it is upside down and the bottom does not have the support bars that the underside of the V has. There is a zipper pocket to zip closed after you unfold it and it should be face up against the bottom of your mattress.I flipped it and it has been fine since. I am not a super lightweight person and I have not the greatest IKEA mattress, its not super thick. All has been absolutely fine since it have turned it right side up. If you have the resources to get it into your house and installed and do it correctly, I think it’s really nice. I like the folding feature so I don’t have to worry whether or not it will fit through the door of any future apartments or houses.

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