ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress Foundation / 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame / No Box Spring Needed / Sturdy Steel

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Product details

Size King
Material Alloy Steel
Product Dimensions 80″L x 76″W x 14″H
Style Regular (14″)
Color Black
Included Components Foundation, Non-slip tape
  • A ONE-AND-DONE SOLUTION – Why buy both a bed frame and box spring for your mattress. Our sturdy steel SmartBase lets you enjoy the benefits of both; and fear not – this hardworking frame only requires opposable thumbs to set-up
  • NO BOX SPRING NEEDED – Platform is made with heavy steel that replaces your box spring, allowing you to rest your memory foam or spring mattress directly on top; legs have plastic caps to protect your floors
  • DIMENSIONS: 80″ W x 76″ L x 14″ H
  • MAXIMUM WEIGHT CAPACITY: Narrow twin, twin and twin XL sizes support a maximum weight capacity of 750 lbs, while all other sizes up to 1500 lbs
  • UNDERBED STORAGE – Total of 13 inches of clearance space under the frame provides valuable storage room for extra odds and ends
  • QUICK, TOOL-FREE ASSEMBLY – Shipped in one compact box and requires no tools for assembly
  • Worry-free 5 year limited manufacturer warranty included; mattress sold separately


The SmartBase checks off a lot of boxes on a bed frame wish list. Excellent mattress support without a box spring? Check. An abundance of underbed storage space? Check. Over 30,000 5-star reviews? Check! Frankly, we’re not surprised that so many happy customers have traded in their two-piece box spring and bed frame sets for this reinforced steel base. It’s designed with a metal platform that you can rest your memory foam, latex or spring mattress directly on top of for extended mattress life. It’s also engineered with multiple support legs for maximum stability and squeak-free use. Plus, those legs have plastic caps at the ends to protect your floors from unnecessary scratches. With swift assembly that only requires your own two hands and a 5-year worry-free warranty included, this extraordinary foundation is what we call a win-win.

From the brand

From the manufacturer

SmartBase Zero Assembly Bed Frame

Built with a firm foundation

SmartBase Zero Assembly Bed Slats

No box spring needed

With both horizontal and vertical steel slats, your mattress will have all the support it needs without a box spring. The slats are spaced 10.66″ apart for queen and king sizes, and 9.4″ for smaller sizes.

SmartBase Zero Assembly Underbed Clearance

Storage galore

With over a foot of clearance underneath, there’s plenty of space for even your tallest storage bins.

SmartBase Zero Assembly Bed Frame

Thoughtfully designed

SmartBase Zero Assembly Squeak Free

Squeak free

Engineered to be silent, the Zinus SmartBase Bed Frame provides a squeak free sleep.

SmartBase Zero Assembly Underbed Storage

Goodbye box spring

Hello, under-bed storage. With 13″ clearance under the bed frame you’ll have plenty of room to stash pretty much anything.

SmartBase Bed Frame Available Colors

What makes the SmartBase so smart?

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It’s the bed frame that has it all! Easy assembly, under-bed storage, squeak-free design, and folds for storage and moving.

Additional information

Weight 1500 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 76 × 14 in



Alloy Steel


Regular 14



Included Components

Foundation Non-slip tape



Furniture Finish

Alloy Steel

Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

80 x 76 x 14 inches, 80L x 76W x 14H

Item Weight

39 Pounds, 39.02 Pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Warranty Description

Worry-free 5 year limited warranty included.

Batteries Required



Zinus, Zinus Inc

10 reviews for ZINUS SmartBase Tool-Free Assembly Mattress Foundation / 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame / No Box Spring Needed / Sturdy Steel

  1. Erik E

    Awesome storage for apartment living!*disclaimer* I live in an apartment, if you do too, you’ve found the right review!Lemme start by saying, my S.O. and I had our mattress on the floor for the first 3 weeks of moving in to our new place. This meant our brand new sheets, comforter, and a few throw pillows, often frequented the floor; they all picked up dust, dirt, cat hair, etc., the usual day to day messes of life. Stepped on, slipped on, you name it, it probably happened. If you’re in this boat, you know, it can be a little frustrating.I told myself I’d build a box spring, buy a nice bedframe with a headboard, do this right… That was 2.5 weeks after telling myself it would be worth it, looking in local shops for pre built box springs and seeing them for no less than $100, and almost $200 after delivery + taxes.Well, since I’m here I guess you can imagine how that went. With work, trying to make the apartment feel like home, constantly cleaning and trying to maintain a social life, and without really your own front yard to do the whole building thing, the idea just became a faint whisper. It was around this time I also noticed the closets were a bit cluttered too, but I just told myself, “this was apartment living”One night, I decided to come to amazon to see if they sell box springs. To my absolute distrust and hesitation, I clicked through some reviews of this platform bedframe. It seemed pretty promising, but some reviews had a couple issues with broken parts and said it felt uncomfortable. I decided to roll the Amazon dice and purchase the platform bedframe.3 days rolled by and it came, shipped to my apartment and dropped off with a loud “thud” on the front door. The package was heavy and I guess the delivery guy was frustrated from my place being such a frequent stop for him with heavy packages. “Great…” I said, hoping no damage had occurred. The box was pretty beat up too.I opened it, assembled it (took about 5 minutes of finger tightening wing nuts btw) and plopped the mattress up on it. Thankfully it seemed to survive it’s rough journey from the warehouse to my place, I noticed two things immediately:1.) This was the answer to making the bedroom feel more like a home2.) There is a ridiculous amount of storage underneath the bed that simply isn’t allowed for in closets.I stuffed as many rarely-used items under the bed as I possibly could, which allowed me to straighten up the closets. I even made room to keep the box to the frame in there, just in case the S.O. didn’t like it and we had to send it back.She came home and also instantly appreciated the look and feel of the bedroom. Needless to say, we did some investigation to see just how loud and sturdy the bedframe is. It’s silent, and unmoving! ;)I threw the box out after 2 nights of sleeping on the bed, confident in my purchase and ready to guide other potential customers with a humongous review on why they should also take the plunge and try it. It seriously is the perfect bedframe for an apartment. You’ll be glad you tried it!

  2. Precise Disarray

    Deluxe option perfect for my extra heavy body and additional weight from dogsMy review is for the FULL sized, DELUXE option. I read through many reviews across multiple brands of foundation/frames. I looked for information pertaining to the durability, sturdiness, longevity of each with particular interest toward reviews that mentioned heavy individuals that sleep with big dogs. Specific, I know.Seems that ALL of the foundation frames have a rating for well over a thousand pounds. Feeling better about my 300lbs, I figured I would be fine with any one of them, even when including the weight of my mattress and that of my two big labs.YET, so many people mention creaking beds, frame pieces that bend, etc and they are normal to light weighted people. So I jumped from product to product trying to find something I thought would be a good purchase. If not, my plan was to use a typical frame and box spring.When I came across THIS product, I saw that they recommended their “Deluxe” option for heavier individuals.”Reinforced stability with t-shape leg construction and locking system / Best fit for larger than average weight people”Ok, no matter how I spin it, that is me. I still hemmed and hawed, especially when I saw other products at least resembling it– but that didn’t mean it actually was the same product. I went ahead at put it in my cart while I took another peek at the perks and details. Clearly I went ahead with it, paid the extra for the Deluxe. Maybe the regular would have been fine. Maybe the Deluxe could have been a waste. My experience so far has been stellar, so I am very pleased to have plunked down the extra cash to buy the DELUXE option.–Design- legs set back so as not to smash your toes. I wouldn’t have thought about it except some reviewers mentioned it (thank you reviewers)! The recessed legs are a safety and comfort feature. If you have stubbed your toes on a bed foot, know that this thoughtful feature will be greatly appreciated by all who walk near the bed. (again, Deluxe frame)–Ease of “assembly”. I put that in quotes because it isn’t much of an assembly needed. The frame comes in two narrow cot sized frames. These are set up super easy by just unfolding and straightening out the legs. The legs just need to be attended to by hooking a stabilizing arm and tightening a wing nut. Do this for all, then flip upright and put into position. Even easier is connecting the two frames to make one full sized frame. Bold and nut are provided. All done!–If you want more detail, look further down the product page to “Technical Specification”. You will find a highlighted link that will open a User Manual. From there you will quickly see what needs to be done. It takes barely any time. I even had cats and dogs trying to “help” me in a small space and it added no time.–Sturdiness: My full sized bed is set up on a carpeted floor. I imagine that makes a difference, but I do not know. The surface of the frame is smooth- no pointy, sharp edges, so there was NO issue with it catching the material of my mattress. I don’t recall if that was ever an issue here, but I recall seeing it across several reviews perhaps from other brands.–I have been using my bed nightly for a month. My two labs and sometimes a few cats join me- no creaking or unwanted movement. My husband and I have two full sized beds set up side by side to accommodate our large furry family, and to allow for better rest, yet he occasionally also um.. “joins” me, (and I know you know what I mean). No issues there either. Bed is still standing firmly in place!–I totally love the space under the bed. So do my cats, and at first, so did my dogs. It was this mysterious magical land to be explored. I don’t really use it for storage at this time, but I like the option. All my pics include my curious menagerie. Orange cat, Charlie demonstrates difference in height (floor clearance) from typical frame to this frame. Huge difference!While my husband also has a full sized bed, his is currently a typical low frame, with a box spring, and topped with a mattress. Mine is this tall frame and a hybrid mattress (that comes in a box), and all together, side by side they are the same height. I hope to replace his with exact same set up as mine, eventually.So far, I am super pleased with this frame. I keep up with my reviews and will definitely come back if I have any further thoughts, revelations, problems, or even to just say it is still going well.

  3. Rachel M

    Perfect – I couldn’t be more satisfied & relievedI think the only thing I didn’t like about this bed was that the instructions aren’t the clearest.But after looking at a few videos I was able to figure it out quickly and the setup took about half an hour total.I couldn’t be more relieved at how great this Zinus SmartBase is.When my old bed frame fell apart I needed an easy, inexpensive bed frame – and fast. I live in a small apartment and needed something simple, and this exceeded my expectations.I got the 14” heavy duty queen size.After almost 2 weeks of having this bedframe, I can confirm that it does not budge. Even with a ton of motion, this thing does not move.My old bedframe was not stable and wobbled a lot – so this has been a refreshing change!And it offers a great amount of storage space, even though it might be shorter than a typical bed.

  4. Kindle Customer

    Good frame for heavy useThis is for twin regular frame. I bought this in Dec 2019. I have used it everyday since. This was originally supposed to be temporary until I got a new bed. I have moved twice since buying and each time I had to set frame up again was super simple. Over the past 2 1/2 yrs I have used this bed for everything, it was my couch, my dinner table, my chair, and my bed. So I spent a lot of time on this. I am not a small person, over 250lbs. And it has stood up to the amount of use it has had. It’s not perfect the wire slats have started to bend some and the bar for the middle legs has come unwelded, and it does squeek. But when you thing about the amount use in the time frame I think that’s pretty good.

  5. Southern California, heated well

    So far not squeaky and hasn’t collapsedThe whole frame is light weight and easily folds up. It comes with two screws/butterfly bolts to link the two together (I got the full size). My only complaint about this product are that the screws are neither Phillips, flathead, nor star heads. Possibly allen wrenches. Meaning I know not what tool can be used to tighten it. With the butterfly bolts I can see this expecting to be hand tightened (which I did). I don’t anticipate any cardio on this bed but I imagine the shifting from that could loosen these, so consider getting a second set of hardware for peace of mind.One thing to note is that the pair of top feet, middle feet, and feet of the bottom of the bed are supported by a cross beam. Normally this extra support and stability in something holding you up for a third of the day would be a good thing. However this feature means that you can only slide boxes in from the side, and only from the front half or bottom half of the bed. Meaning that you cannot slide boxes in from the foot of the bed, but the side by the foot. Be mindful of this when you orient your bed. Mine is the corner of the room and the majority of the access is only by the foot of the bed and the bottom half. I fortunately have a gap by the top of the bed I can squeeze stuff through and under the bed. But the major selling point is that this is high enough for storage, however you cannot access the entire space from any other side of the bed to store boxes. Possibly the under bed, slimmer boxes could slide under, however my storage is based on larger bins.Update: After flipping my mattress routinely, the small cross bar ends did snag on the mattress protector. surprisingly when I took the box it came in, apart (I only cut the tape and prised apart the glued side), the cardboard lay out almost even with the surface area of the bed frame, meaning that with some zip ties, you can use the box between the bed frame and mattress to protect the mattress from the cross bar ripping it.

  6. Pepe

    Damaged on arrival.The box was ripped open and filthy. The wire on this frame was bent in half of the locations on the frame. It looks like people were stepping all over the box judging by the boot prints covering the outside. I had to straighten the bent wires but that was pretty easy just time consuming and really I shouldn’t of had to. Frustrating. Works fine though. Easy to assemble. Be aware that if you are going to attach a headboard at some point the pre-drilled holes to do so are at 13 inches from the floor. This will be helpful because not all headboards have attachment points at that height. My place is small so having the storage underneath is great.

  7. Michele Gutto

    I love it!This solved many challenges I was dealing with. One, I needed extra storage. Second, I really didn’t want to buy a box spring and lastly, I wanted some elevation since I’m tall.When it arrived I had some serious doubts about its stability. Once it’s all together it’s very stable. Everytime I walk into my room I smile because it’s just so perfect.Wait, the best part is the storage – I am storing 8 tubs of “stuff” under it. With the height it’s super easy to clean underneath. My cats love it because there is still room between the tubs and the frame to provide some great nap spots.

  8. Siren

    Worth the Price!We had ordered these in black a few years ago for our girls and their twin mattresses, as we were short on space. We recently re-ordered these in white after our move and couldnt be happier! No more under-screws beneath to check in on (would come undone sometimes).These snap in place like an umbrella latch! Just open the box, spread it out, and done! Took me 3 minutes to set up 2! (Be sure to take off the black sticky bumpers on the center poles or it wont open fully. I think they were only for shipping purposes, but not instructed). Very sturdy and ROUNDED edges, which is great for clumsy kiddoes!SUPER worth the price!

  9. Amazon Customer

    FrameLove the bed frame easy to put up and fits well only thing dislike the attachment that connects the two frames the 3 blocks are not even with the bed frame sharp corners that at some point will ruin the bottom of my mattress rather have screws that connect the two frames that not going to cause damage to the mattress then big blocks that will so disappointed in that only to spend money on something that going to damage and cost me more money guess I’ll have to go store hunting for screws that will work to connect the two frames together

  10. Gunny

    I found the “Zinus 14 inch Smart Mattress” and read that it would hold some 1200poundsA retired Marine gunnery sergeant now at 285 lbs. 69 yrs young and as we say in the Corps :no longer lean but still mean, semper fi. I bought a town house 5 yrs back and as a golfer lower backs are common so I bought a platform bed so I would be lower to the floor when getting up which I felt would take stress off my back. Well last week the bed collapsed, which was made entirely with particle board and cheaply made and was cricking all the time. So I decided to get a metal bed frame that would hold my fat ass and not crick. I’m a guy that researches everything to the 9nth degree whether it be a new vehicle or a loaf of bread. I found the “Zinus 14 inch Smart Mattress” and read that it would hold some 1200pounds! So I, as usual read a ton of reviews. If their claim is correct then it should hold my fat ass up so I ordered one. So here’s my closing. It actually arrived super quick, I live in San Diego, California. The majority of reviews I read were mainly about how log it took to assemble and some parts were not included. The parts are simply wing nuts and a couple bolts. I took the reviews as a challenge so I took a quick glance at the instructional diagram and assembled the whole unit in twenty minutes. I would suggest, which I did, is to get four (that’s all you need) 1/4 inch lock washers to enhance the security of the wing nuts. So once assembled I said to myself once I put my mattress on it I said to myself” Gunny go for it” so I took a big diver upon it and it was like Heaven! it held my fat ass and my old wavy mattress felt great as well also. However, I AM purchasing a new mid-firm mattress to go with this gem of a Zenus Smart Base. Nothing more to say, the product is exceptional, worth every cent, don’t sell it short, it is a must have, LOVE MINE!!

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