ZINUS Suzanne Bamboo and Metal Daybed with Trundle / Mattress Foundation with Steel Slat Support / Easy Assembly, Twin

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Product details

Size Twin
Material Steel; Bamboo
Product Dimensions 78″L x 39″W x 25.8″H
Style Trundle Set
Color Chestnut Brown
Included Components Assembly instructions
  • Sustainable Bamboo and Durable Steel
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL COMFORT THAT’S STYLISH TOO – The perfect addition to your guestroom, kids’ room, or home office, the ultra durable bamboo and metal Suzanne Daybed lets you sit and sleep in style with a convenient trundle
  • BUILT TO LAST – Sturdy steel framework, naturally durable bamboo, and metal mattress platform are crafted with strength and longevity in mind; each twin size bed supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • NO BOX SPRING NEEDED – Thick and durable steel frame is built to last with a metal platform for reliable mattress support without the box spring
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – Everything you need is efficiently packed into one box and shipped straight to your door; all parts, tools and instructions are included for easy, two-person assembly in under an hour
  • WORRY-FREE WARRANTY – A 5-year manufacturer warranty is included for ultimate peace of mind


Inspired by the modern industrial style of our bestselling Suzanne Platform Bed, the Suzanne Daybed is the missing piece that’ll outfit your guestroom, dorm room, office, or small apartment with multifunctional use. Designed for extra seating or an extra bed, this platform daybed is available on its own or with a convenient trundle that tucks away when not in use. Crafted beautifully with a streamlined black metal frame and sustainable bamboo headboard and footboard, you can enjoy the benefits of bamboo’s outstanding durability and easy to clean finish. Engineered to support any twin mattress without a box spring, this bed includes a steel platform that your mattress can rest directly on top of, no box spring needed. And just like all of our beds, this practical daybed ships with all the tools and instructions you need to assemble it with complete confidence. Whether you’re using it for entertaining friends or just some much-needed rest and relaxation, the Suzanne Daybed is built with boundless levels of style and practicality for any room in need of a little more comfort.

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Suzanne Daybed with Trundle

Suzanne Daybed with Trundle

Suzanne Daybed with Trundle Bamboo Feature

Suzanne Daybed with Trundle

Suzanne Daybed with Trundle

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Additional information

Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 78 × 39 × 25.8 in



Steel; Bamboo


Trundle Set


Chestnut Brown

Included Components

Assembly instructions



Furniture Finish

Premium Steel Slat

Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

78 x 39 x 25.8 inches, 78L x 39W x 25.8H

Item Weight

64 Pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Fabric Type

Sustainable Bamboo and Durable Steel

Form Factor

Trundle Bed Day Bed

Batteries Required




10 reviews for ZINUS Suzanne Bamboo and Metal Daybed with Trundle / Mattress Foundation with Steel Slat Support / Easy Assembly, Twin

  1. Maryann

    PerfectGrandkids getting to big to share one bed so found this. A great study frame and the girls loved it. Easy to move and the perfect rustic feel with the wood elements. Found the mattress’s and sheets easily to make complete

  2. Patrick and Taryn

    Much better than I expectedI will be honest that when my daughter initially decided she wanted this bed, I wasn’t thrilled. It was from a company I had never heard of and some of the reviews were iffy (not to mention she was replacing something namebrand and in great condition with something slightly more “fashionable”). After getting the bed, I can honestly say its a great bed for the money and super easy to assemble.The Pros for this bed: – It is lower to the ground than I expected. For me as an adult male, probably too low but for my pre-teen daughter it is the perfect height. – Sturdier than expected. Some of the reviews talked about how noisy the bed is and how flimsy it was but I could not disagree more. We have huskies that will run full speed onto anything and daughters who much to our chagrin will still bounce on beds – and this held up fine. I have even laid on it without real concern that to much movement could stress the bed. – The packaging – The box for this came utterly wrecked. I was pretty sure this was going to end in disaster with the bed showing up and my daughter being upset that it was damaged and couldn’t be put together, but the box inside the box was fine. Even if it wasn’t a thin layer of foam encased the parts and each metal component was individually wrapped. Maybe not exactly eco-friendly, but I don’t know much furniture that is. – It was easy to assemble – The instructions are simply pictures, but they make it easier by numbering each step. If you can match sticker one to sticker one and put the right screw in the hole – you got this. Steps are 1-11. Each connector has a sticker. It even came with a ratcheting key to get everything secure.Cons: (I am going to really nitpick here) – The bed is smaller than I expected. I know I gave that as a pro above but if I had ordered this for me, a nearly 6 foot 200lb man – I would have been extremely disappointed. If you are really limited on space or if you are a small stature person – this will be perfect. At a certain size, I would probably feel cramped but its probably been 20 plus years since I slept in a twin size bed willingly. – Blemishes on the metal – When I was still in the “I hate this bed” phase I quickly noticed several blemishes in the coating of the metal components. Putting this together it stood out to me as it was almost always near a connection point. That being said, now that its all together I couldn’t readily point out something without getting an inch away and looking over it again. At no point did I think “this part is trash” and by the time I had an assembled product I was happy with it overall. – The space for the trundle is tiny. You really only have about 6 inches for a mattress, so anticipate on having to get something like a bunk bed sized twin for the pull out bed or a thin memory foam mattress. We knew this going into it, but if you are reading this far – you have been warned.All in all – I like this bed. I would recommend it for mid-teens to below or those who like/require minimal designs. For the money it appears to be good quality and I wasn’t disappointed at the end of the day when I fully expected to be.

  3. VKS

    Almost five starsSolid bamboo wood, sturdy metal frame, and the price cannot be beat. Hands, down the easiest assembly ever. They make it foolproof with numbered stickers, which peel right off of the metal with mo residue. Unfortunately, they do not peel easily from the wood and pull some of the finish off when removed. Tried the hair dryer trick but that made it worse and left adhesive residue behind. They could have placed these stickers where they would eventually be covered once assembled, but they didn’t, so the flaws are visible. Outside of that, I would have given this piece five stars. Be sure to save the ratchet that came with the unit!

  4. Danielle D

    Love this bedIt was so easy to put together, my daughter loves it. Its a nice sturdy frame. but honestly it was so damn easy to build. No bed before this one was easy even when it said it was easy. You don’t need tools. They give you all the tools you need for the frame. Easy to read instructions. Came nicely packaged.

  5. Albina

    Perfect 👍🏼Perfect bed and extremely easy to assemble 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  6. pixiepies

    Super sturdy for the price. Looks quality- not cheapThis was nicer than I expected. It will last many years, is very sturdy, and i love the way it looks. Highly recommend!

  7. Melissa Fischer

    Piece of Cake (And looks nice too!)I’ve always been a bit wary of purchasing a “bed in a box” but I wanted a mattress narrower than a twin because I live in a tiny-house-sized apartment and when I sleep I stay within two feet and don’t move, even if the bed is a king. In a tiny house space is everything, and beds take up a lot of space that could be used in other ways. I wanted not only a narrow bed but something that looked decent as well, preferably something that utilized wood (I knew I wasn’t going to get away from the metal). I found Zinus and liked their simple, streamlined look, and was able to find one that had wood on both ends.The bed arrived about a day and a half after it shipped! All the pieces were individually wrapped and had label stickers for every connection. None of them were labeled incorrectly! The instructions were very clear, and the screws all came separated, not in one jumbled bag! Not only did they send the Allen wrench with it, but a cute little ratchet as well! I’m definitely going to be using that a lot because it’s in the standard size! Putting the frame together was a piece of cake, even for one person! It took me a little less than 30 minutes! All of the connections fit well too.The mattress did not explode out of it’s bag either, which is something that can happen when an item like that has been compressed. It needs about a day to air out and expand. The was a very slight odor, but it was hardly noticeable, and it wasn’t a bad smell. In the little note they send they mention they infuse green tea in their foam which may account for the smell being fine. The mattress is fairly thin and lays directly on the slats but this is to be expected-I suppose one could find a thicker mattress or order your own piece of custom sized memory foam if you wanted and still spend less than a regular nice bedframe with mattress and box spring. If you like slightly firm mattresses though, this one will be fine, and I’m a rather small person so it works well. It’s already better than the IKEA futon mattress I’d been sleeping on previously. I’m going to cut the mattress topper I already have to add a little extra layer of cushion. The only downside of the mattress is there’s no way to attach it to the frame (there is no lip in the frame to keep it in place) but it has one of those sort of dotted rubber bottoms that should hopefully keep it straight.The bed is high enough off the ground to fit one or two of those under-the-bed storage boxes as well!Overall I was very impressed with the product and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy, budget friendly frame. If you are looking for a cot-sized bed frame (30 in width) I would definitely recommend Zinus since cot frames are few and far in between!

  8. Diana

    Excelente inversiónBuenas indicaciones, fácil de montar , resistente , la mejor opción y ahorra mucho espacio en el cuarto de mis nenes

  9. N/A

    It looks great and was so easy to put together.Whenever I need to buy a bed frame, I always end up getting a Zinus frame. They look great and they’re so easy to put together. Their instructions are bang on every time too.Side note!!!! Don’t remove the film on the anti slip slats. They’re so sticky and will rip the bottom of your mattress whenever you go to rotate it. It’s terrible and makes no sense to me why they’re even a thing.

  10. Gagandeep Khosa

    Updated after 3 months use. Garbage & bad CSSo the wheels of the bottom pull out beds keep on breaking. When I Called the manufacturer and requested to send a replacement of the wheels under the warranty it took them two months to get back to me. So frustrating! I had to buy new wheels out of pocket. Now at this point we are not even using the pull out beds.

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