Zinus Tom Metal Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation / No Box Spring Needed / Wood Slat Support / Design Award Winner, King

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  • 10 inch high low profile foundation supports memory foam, Spring, and Hybrid mattresses
  • Strong Steel frame structure with wood slats prevents sagging and increases mattress life
  • Assembles easily in minutes/ Mattress sold separately
  • Foam padded tape is added to the steel frame for noise-free use and non-slip tape on the wooden slats prevents your mattress from moving
  • Worry free 5 year warranty


Update your bedroom with the new sonnet platform bed by Zinus. Featuring a classic style metal headboard and low profile metal frame this platform bed offers strong, durable wood slat support for your spring, memory foam, latex, or Hybrid mattress. Ships in one carton for easy assembly. No box spring needed. Another comfort innovation from Zinus. Headboard Height : 31.1″ and Footboard Height : 2.5″.

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About Us

We like to think we’re in the business of creating harmony. It’s why we fit fluffy beds into boxes and make bed frames and sofas that are as easy to assemble as they are to relax or fall asleep on. We are here to design tiny reminders that life is good.

Additional information

Weight 79 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 75.5 × 10 in
Product Dimensions

80 x 75.5 x 10 inches

Item Weight

79 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Fill material Type

Memory Foam

Form Factor

Platform Bed

Assembly Required


Warranty Description

Worry-free 5 year limited warranty included; mattress sold separately.

Batteries Required




10 reviews for Zinus Tom Metal Platform Bed Frame / Mattress Foundation / No Box Spring Needed / Wood Slat Support / Design Award Winner, King

  1. MerryJayned

    A great bedframeI really love this bed frame for my King Size bed. I love the low profile. It is very loud getting in and out of the bed, it make a loud cranky noise. Assembling it was an issue, as the headboard piece that slid into the bottom portion on the right side was slightly misaligned and we had to hammer it into shape.

  2. Chl

    sturdyshipped to college student. easy assembly. looks good and sturdy. recommend using with zinus mattress

  3. The Girl Utah

    Love this purchase!!! Must buy another now-Wow! I’m in love with ease, convenience and clean lines this bed provides! We needed a bed to fit small apartment space for our daughter and this was perfect! What you do not know… I had to go back and post this review, even after owning the bed x1 yr!! Why….??My daughter lives out of state and visiting her last week, I got the pleasure of staying at her apartment. Much to my surprise, I inquired about the bed and when she got flash replaced the original… The shock and all came when she informed me, the bed was still the same bed..!!?!!Honest, it wasn’t the look as much That impressed me…it was the Structure, sturdiness, strength and durability of a small full size metal bed frame. I hoped purchasing this- it would suffice but, my standards were college apartment level. To see it almost 1.5yr later…The structure is 100% still tight and intact. No loose connections or stripped grooves causing bad to rock/sway… Or, worse.. squeak and creaks! I also forgot about amount of storage available under the bed! Being low profile… 14” still allows plenty of items stored out of sight and in a small area this means everything!!I inquired and was told Assembly took one with brain/bronze and one with holding pieces skills. Power drill/screwdriver were used… And within two hours it was complete. Difficult level I’m told was having extra hands to help hold/align and that made things go smooth.I’m in market again for another small bed For guest/office room and looking for something similar to purchase… Great quality so, I had to share for those who may be in the market!FYI- we set this up without box spring and purchased rolled mattress in a box from amazon. Sleeping at home on a standard style bed with invested quality/money into… knowing difference in $$ between the two beds- I hate to say.. but, I did not feel major quality/comfort Discrepancy on lesser bed/mattress. I do have padded mattress cover on to protect her purchase, keeping her safe and clean. I did purchase 3” mattress topper and $350 tuft/needle mattress- It may sound like a lot-But, all items included… barely total over $500 for everything. A lot cheaper than expected, without major quality difference- and lasting this long/nice!

  4. Just in time

    Extremely high quality!As someone in construction and a lifelong home handyman I’ve built alot of things in my life and It’s rare that I would say that putting something like this was an enjoyable experience. Please excuse my seemingly overboard excitement during this review but it’s so rare to see a company do things the right way anymore.From beginning to end this was an absolutely enjoyable and simple experience. From the start you can see the level of care this company puts into its products.Whe the box arrived at our door (fairly quickly I might add) it was a bit banged up but its expected taking in to consideration that it’s a pretty big box. I was initially a bit worried that the contents might have been damaged. I cut into the box to find that the contents were protected within an inner box that was thicker than the first layer.That was just the beginning at this company.Each peice of foam holding the parts snuggle in place was wrapped in plastic so it didn’t make a mess. Every peice perfectly labeled and not in a hurried way. The instructions (Pictured) could not have been more simple. The welds and flat powder coated finish were immaculate. They even supply you with spare parts and two tools, one being a standard Allen wrench (they could have stopped there and I would have been happy) but they put a second ratcheting Allen wrench that is going in my regular tool bag when I’m done. The important joints are held together with three nice thick bolts with lock washers. The wood slats that are the main support for the bed are made of really nice thick laminated wood and are velcroed down to the frame so the wont move around. And on top of those wood slats are two big non slip “stickers” that keep the matteres in place once its put atop the frame. They really thought of everything. Included was even some really decent stationary ( admittedly I wont be using) but again just shows how hard they tried to provide a good product.I always worry about metal framed beds as they can very easily become squeaky and rickety but this is anything but that. Our entire small family crawled onto the bed when it was done and it didnt even flinch. I cannot recommend this bed frame enough.

  5. Val

    Gets the Job DoneWe purchased this frame in a full size for everyday use by our 4 year old but it will also be used as a guest bed. We haven’t had any guests since getting the bed but I feel like it’s plenty sturdy enough for two adults. It is a pretty short bed frame. We have a 10” mattress on it and the height is perfect for our 4 year old. It might feel a tad short for adults if you’re use to a taller bed.It was super easy to assemble. With help from my 12 year old, I had it assembled in about 10 minutes. You will probably want a second person but if you’re by yourself you shouldn’t have any issues getting it together it just might take a little longer.I will note I purchased this frame while it was on sale and there is no way I would have paid full price for it. While it is a nice sturdy frame I just personally couldn’t imagine spending $160+ on it.

  6. TheWolff

    Great quality bed frame.Easy to put together, sturdy in all (adult) situations, almost silent, low but not too low to the ground. This was a great buy, you won’t regret it.

  7. Mark

    love this simple frame!Ok, so I never really leave reviews, but I was going back and forth on whether or not to purchase this bed frame after reading a ton of good reviews and a decent amount of negative reviews, so thought I’d share my thoughts with you all. The bed is SUPER easy to assemble. I don’t ever build things and this took maybe 20-25 minutes to get done with my boyfriend. The bed is low to the ground, but it works for me, and I don’t mind it. I did see that many people noted that the headboard was really low (it is), but I don’t use a box spring so my purple mattress doesn’t cover as much of the headboard. The design is minimal, so if you’re into flashier beds, this one isn’t for you. I’ve had this frame for about 2 weeks and it really is sturdy. I’m about 230 and my boyfriend is about 170, and the bed holds up great and does NOT squeak. So far, I love the simple look of this, and it’s helped open up my room more. I’ll revisit the review in a few months and update yall on whether or not it squeaks in the future.

  8. Nicolle Navarro

    Solid Bed Frame. 10/10 Would buy again.I’ve had this bad frame since Aug. 14. The packaging came in pretty roughed up, so I was concerned at first. When I was able to set it up about a week or two later I found everything was just fine inside since to was in another box and foam things. The set up was easy. I would say about the same level as Ikea Furniture easy. Though I did have a small scare when I twisted a screw too tight and it striped. Luckily they provided extra screws. The inside wasn’t striped so I replaced it with and extra screw. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREWS. The company provided tools to build the bed frame as well. After all of it was done I removed the stickers that keep my mattress in place and it’s been sturdy ever since. Keep in mind I’m a fully grown adult with a partner doing adult activities. The bed only creaks slightly after those activities were first done.Overall I enjoy this purchase fully. The bed is low to the ground, but I can still fit storage bins under there very easily. If I buy another bed frame in the future I’m very sure to buy from this company again. Plus delivery was faster then expected.

  9. P. Farrow

    Super Happy With This Purchase!This frame Suprised me because as far as I can tell it was made in China. Most items like this that you have to put together ALWAYS have problems. Usually you have missing parts or the holes/screws do not line up due to bad welding and craftsmanship. This frame had zero issues. The holes all lined up, the frame went together easily with only one person. I did not struggle with it at all. The rails all had a great paint job with no scratches due to excellent packing. The screws came in a bubble pack instead of in a baggie. They even included a cool little wratchet tool to speed up installation…very cool. They also took the time to send a set of greeting cards I can use in ther future. The frame is very sturdy and does not wobble. The support ribs for the mattress were super easy to install. Overall much better and easier than my IKEA frame. If I had known that I would have this in a king for my other room.

  10. Ashley

    disappointed with ZinusThis is my 2nd bed frame from Zinus. The first one was super easy to put together and worked well. We then ordered a box spring recently and it was also easy to put together. So there was no doubt that we wanted to order another Zinus bed frame for our 2nd bedroom. It came in a pretty decent sized box (heavy) and looked easy enough to put together once we opened it. Then it all went down hill.After opening the box and tossing it aside, the bed frame started okay to put together. Nothing too difficult. But the velcro lining that is supposed to match up the pieces was twisted and stapled improperly. We tried to make it work the best we could – and finally got some of it to stick down. After putting the mattress on top of it, everything seemed to work okay. NOPE. No matter what we did or how hard we tried the velcro came right up. So much that you couldn’t turn over from one side of the bed to the other without hearing that annoying velcro sound. Still, we decided to test it for one night. Nothing changed. I first tried Amazon customer service and they told me to go to Zinus to talk to them about this issue. Since it was a defect in the product.Zinus advertises having a great warranty, customer service etc. When I chatted with not 1 but 2 reps – they told me since I ordered it from Amazon that there wasn’t anything they could do about it and I would have to contact Amazon. I was understandably annoyed but still contacted Amazon again. The rep informed me that I could have a full refund – perfect. BUT I had to ship it back. Now, this should be easy. But by this point the box was diminished (from opening it) and even so, there was no way I could try to get all of the parts back into the box AND take it somewhere. I’m a tiny 5ft 2 woman and even though I don’t think of myself as weak – this was something I could not do. I went back and fourth with the rep about what to do. Finally all they could offer me was a 20% refund. I accepted defeat and took it.There were tons of bed frames I went through but I was admit in buying a Zinus one – but now I’m not so sure anymore.

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