ZINUS Tricia Wood Platform Bed Frame with Adjustable Headboard / Wood Slat Support with No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly,

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Product details

Size Queen
Material Engineered Wood, Alloy Steel, Acacia
Product Dimensions 80″L x 60″W x 7″H
Style Platform Bed
Color Brown
Included Components Headboard, Wooden slats, and screws
  • TIMELESS STYLE MEETS SOUND SUPPORT – Crafted to showcase the beauty of its solid wood headboard and exterior frame, the Tricia Platform Bed boasts a timeless look and dependable steel structure for impeccable mattress support
  • Product Dimensions :80.6 x 59.6 x 39.4 inches
  • ADJUSTABLE HEADBOARD – The headboard can be adjusted during assembly to a height of 39.8, 43.3, or 46.9 inches to accommodate the height of your mattress perfectly.NO BOX SPRING NEEDED – A wood mattress platform is engineered for use without a box spring; simply rest your memory foam, hybrid, or spring mattress directly on top of the slats for impeccable support that extends the life of your mattress
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – All parts, tools, and instructions are included in one compact box that ships right to your door for simple assembly that takes under an hour
  • Worry-free 5 year limited warranty included for peace of mind; twin size supports up to 350 lbs while all other sizes can support up to 700 lbs
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We’ve married the beautiful, rustic character of wood with optimal mattress support to give you the Tricia Platform Bed Frame. This gorgeously designed foundation is crafted from solid wood with a uniquely detailed headboard featuring natural wood grain that’ll steal the show in any setting. Plus, the headboard is designed to adjust during assembly to three different heights so you can accommodate your taller mattress and create a bed that looks exactly the way you like it. This foundation’s durable wood slats and steel framework take the place of a traditional box spring to support your mattress and prevent sagging for years to come. The Tricia Platform Bed is efficiently packed into one tidy box that includes all the tools and instructions you’ll need to assemble it in under an hour. And on top of everything you need to get the job done and enjoy your beautiful new bed in no time, we’ve included a 5-year worry-free warranty for complete peace of mind. This exquisitely crafted centerpiece will take your bedroom to a whole new level of dreamland.

From the brand

From the manufacturer

Tricia Platform Bed
A strong & stylish bedroom centerpiece

Expertly crafted support

Rustic and richly finished wood takes center stage with this exquisite platform bed. It offers stronger, all-in-one support for your mattress that looks beautiful in any setting.

Tricia Platform Bed Headboard
Solid wood craftsmanship

Rustic elegance

Solid wood with a rustic finish is the star of the show. A beautifully detailed headboard frames your mattress and adds traditional warmth to your bedroom.

Thoughtful design

Tricia Platform Bed Slats

Wood mattress platform

Closely spaced wooden slats provide exceptional support for your mattress without the need for a box spring.

Tricia Platform Bed

Durable construction

Steel legs and center support offer durable mattress support and reliability you can count on for years to come.

It’s all included

Easy assembly

All the parts, tools, and instructions you need for setup are neatly packed into one compact box so assembly takes less than an hour.

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Additional information

Weight 700 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 7 cm



Engineered Wood Alloy Steel Acacia


Platform Bed



Included Components

Headboard Wooden slats and screws



Furniture Finish

Wood finished headboard

Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

80.6 x 59.6 x 39.4 inches, 80L x 60W x 7H

Item Weight

76.3 pounds, 76.34 Pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Form Factor


Batteries Required




10 reviews for ZINUS Tricia Wood Platform Bed Frame with Adjustable Headboard / Wood Slat Support with No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly,

  1. Mel

    Easy as 1, 2, 3… except the last stepMy last bed frame was a Zinus and I was super happy with it. It looked great, was easy to assemble, was sturdy, and survived being taken apart and put back together several times across moves. When it was time for a new bed frame, I knew I wanted another Zinus product.The assembly for this seemed very easy at first until it came to the last step which was to attach the headboard legs to the base. I tried for nearly an hour but I could never have both sides tightened at the same time – one would always come loose. At one point the entire headboard tipped over and landed on top of the base but thankfully nothing broke.My resolution: I took the headboard off of the feet and focused on getting the feet attached to the base. I used liquid nails on the screws. Once one side was secure and tightened with the liquid nails a little dry, I did the same thing on the other side. After letting that sit for a few minutes, I had a friend hold the headboard while I attached it to the feet. The headboard still didn’t feel steady so I added two extra screws on each headboard foot for extra security. Then I felt comfortable that this assembly was secure.The previous Zinus bed frame had all the pieces fit into a pouch in the back of the headboard which was nice. This one won’t travel as well so it’s definitely better for a home where it’s going to stay awhile. Additionally, this frame only had one metal bar going vertically while my previous one also had it horizontally. It doesn’t feel like the sturdiness is compromised but I think all the frames would be better having two bars criss crossing.Overall, I’m happy with how this product looks and it feels secure after my adjustments. I wanted to bring in some wood tones to my bedroom and this frame certainly is a standout. Hope my review helps anyone struggling with assembly and is considered by Zinus for future product design.

  2. KLGreen

    Factory quality control lackingI read so many reviews about this bed and others. I paid $420 for the queen size. It shipped and arrived promptly. One massive box. I dismantled it in my entryway and loaded it piece by piece into the bedroom.The last piece I unpacked was the headboard. Instead of a smooth finish there were parts (3-5) that were rough to the point of slivers! This should not have ever left the factory like this. I called the manufacturer and they said they couldn’t do anything until the Amazon return period expired and then the warranty would kick in. So I called Amazon…again all this is expending my time! I go thru all the options to return and replace the entire thing And not sure how I’m going to pack it up and get it returned! Amazon offered a 40% refund. I now have to sand the spots, stain, and seal the headboard. Not ideal but it seemed like the easiest option since I don’t have a truck to haul a 12 foot long box that weighs 100 lbs.All said, the set up of the frame was simple by myself and it appears very sturdy.

  3. Gabe

    Awesome!Very nice bed. Bought on prime day. Such a great deal! Everything was labeled correctly, extra hardware and a bag to put it all in. Tools included, good packaging, very nice directions.

  4. Arthur K

    Solid bed, been using over a year and no complaintsNice construction, super easy to assemble, comes with tools and spares, very nicely packaged. Had one for over a year its as solid as day one.

  5. Tyler A.

    Nice bed but not sure if I got a used headboardThe bed was super easy to put together due to the awesome instructions, handy tool provided, and perfect name/separation of parts (see pics). Where I am super bummed is that a corner of the bed is already separating (see pic) and the headboard in many areas had scuff marks like it was used already and scuffed from someone’s wall. The picture I attached is not of these marks. The one attached just looks like the mfg didn’t paint the area. Also, on some other parts it looked like there was candle wax on the frame. Literally. I’m not sure how that got there unless I was shipped a used product. *And no, I paid for a new product not a used one.All in all, I like the bed. It was really easy to put together, and the wood is really heavy, not that flimsy ikea stuff. The price point is also great. I just wish there was either better quality control but something is telling me I was shipped a used bed which is a HUGE bummer when I paid for a NEW product.Also HINT: I have wood floors. I put some of that non slip stuff that is made to make a rug not slio, and this totally took care of the lack of stability.

  6. Scott Kincad

    Nice hardware, easy to put together, but slightly misses the mark.My Wife and I bought this bed frame while waiting for a new King mattress to arrive. The frame looks great, really glad it matches our room so nicely.Building it was surprisingly simple using the tools it came with. The hardware/wood pieces feel very sturdy and not cheap at all, which is great. One exception is after attaching the headboard it still wobbles a little bit. This is the first bed frame and headboard we’ve had in a lot of years, so I don’t have much to compare to in that regard.When our king mattress arrived we quickly set it up on top of the bed frame. A couple problems we found with a mattress on it were about sizing. The standard king sized mattress fits almost, but not quite perfect on the frame. Basically, our mattress hangs over both side edges and the bottom edge about 1/2 to 1 inch. The frame is just slightly too small for a standard king mattress (specifically we have a 9 inch tall standard king latex mattress).This means the edges of the bed kind of droop slightly since there’s no frame to support it. It would be nice if the headboard was raised about 1 inch, which would allow our mattress to slide up the bed a little further. But for the sides, the frame is just simply too skinny for a standard king mattress. We are going to keep the frame, but that little bit is always going to annoy me, unfortunately. It just needs another inch or so of width to be the perfect frame for a king sized mattress.

  7. jmccain

    Great bed frame! Great mattressThis worked out great! It took us an inordinate amount of time to figure out what bed we were going with. We chose this bed because we thought, “hell we’ll just buy a throwaway frame because we’re moving in a few years”. Once it came and I assembled it, which only took about 20-30 min, I fell in love. No way are we getting rid of this thing! Long story short buy this bed frame – you won’t regret it.

  8. Tori

    So far impressed!Just received the bed today, a day earlier than expected! It’s a pretty heavy box. We took the pieces out and carried separately upstairs to our bedroom. I love that they put the styrofoam in plastic that protects the pieces, no styrofoam breaking apart causing a mess! Mostly my husband put it together with very little assistance from me. It took 30 minutes. Instructions are pretty straight forward. Layout all the pieces where they will go and then start assembling. Our King mattress fits almost completely on the bed. We have a 9 inch memory foam mattress and a 2 inch memory foam topper. It only overhangs at the foot of the bed 1 1/2 inches. Not even noticable. Sides are perfect! My only future concern is the wood slats, if they will hold up over time? They are on the thinner side. I was a little worried the bed would be too low but it’s not bad, unless you do want to store things, which we don’t.Our last bed was from IKEA and the footboard was defective out of the box. We had another issue with footboard a month later. 3 months later the supports of the bed broke. We rigged it up but had to almost everyday fix the slats that would fall. So really hope this bed lasts longer. I have been researching beds for the last month on many different sites and at stores. After reading mostly good reviews on this bed, I decided to go with it. Plus we were tired of sleeping on our mattress on the floor! I give it 5 stars today for faster shipping, the look of the bed, ease of putting it together, and mattress fitting on it. Will update review if any issues come about.

  9. Nicole

    Cannot get a replacement part for part of the bed that was delivered crackedPretty bed, easy assembly. Seems like it would be sturdy. Biggest complaint is Part C the side rail is splintered right next to where it attaches to the foot board. After reaching out to customer support for the brand and going back and forth with them with pictures, invoice, etc.. they have concluded that they do not have a replacement part. Now they suggest I call amazon and see if I can get a full replacement and then ship back the pieces I do not need. Seems like a lot of work. The item was shipped in this condition, the box was not bent or damaged when received. For this reason I would not re-order from this company.

  10. Nicole Pare

    Solid Wood ConstructionI was impressed with the solid wood construction, sturdiness, and overall design of this bed. The wood slats velcro into place on the frame. Smart design falling into my KISS principal. There are peel and stick adhesive strips on two of the wood slats to help hold the mattress in place. (Mattress is on order, so have not confirmed how well that will work.) The build kit included a very cool, very useful allan key ratchet tool that made assembly fast and easy. The style of the bed is rustic with a bit of modern/industrial vibe. My only 2 complaints are: 1.) There is no lip for the mattress. It looks like it’s going to sit on top of the bed frame. I’m assuming that’s why they have the adhesive strips on the slats. 2.) Two of the predrilled holes that connect the headboard to the frame were slightly off. Just enough to make the final assembly step a b**ch. I don’t think I would have been able to muscle it in place on my own. My husband delivered furniture all through college and built his share of KD furniture, so he was able to use a little man-muscle and finesse to get it to work. I bought this bed for my son while he’s away at college because he took his old bed to school with him. I’m very pleased with the purchase and would recommend.

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